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The first episode of the Documentary, Mystery, series Ancient Aliens season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 was released in 2011-07-28 by The History Channel. The TV show was created by and directed by Kevin Burns. Actors in the cast include Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, Robert Clotworthy. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

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Episode 1

Aliens and the Old West

air day: 2011-07-28

Ancient Astronaut theorists consider aliens have been visiting earth for hundreds of years. If so, may we discover proof of this even within the tales of America’s Old West? In Aurora, Texas, the native cemetery claims to carry the physique of an alien whose ship crashed there in 1897. In Utah, petroglyphs depict unusual beings sporting what appear to be area fits. In southern California, 19th century ranchers reported seeing an otherworldly creature emerge from Elizabeth Lake. And even in Tombstone, Arizona, the house of Wyatt Earp and the location of the gunfight on the O.Ok. Corral, cowboys claimed to have shot at a large, metallic chicken Are these merely campfire tales, or did the cowboys and native folks of America’s Wild West really are available contact with alien beings from another–much extra distant–frontier?

Episode 2

Aliens and Monsters

air day: 2011-08-04

Hindu scripture describes an unlimited flying creature referred to as a Garuda that shook the bottom when it landed on Earth. Is it potential that this monster was really a misinterpreted alien craft? Are hybrids just like the Centaur, the Minotaur and Medusa simply legendary creatures of fantasy–or might these historical depictions of terrifying monsters have been the results of superior extraterrestrial transplantation procedures?

Episode 3

Aliens and Sacred Places

air day: 2011-08-11

Are sacred locations the product of man’s reverence for God–or the results of contact with historical area vacationers? Jerusalem’s Temple Mount has been referred to as a heavenly gateway. Islam’s shrine at Mecca shows a Black Stone believed to have fallen from heaven. And the temple at Baalbek, Lebanon was constructed on an enormous stone construction resembling a touchdown pad. Did man encounter divine beings at these holy locations, or may they’ve met historical extraterrestrials?

Episode four

Aliens and the Temples of Gold

air day: 2011-08-18

Could gold be the last word hyperlink between people and aliens? A church in southern France is claimed to carry the important thing to alchemy–and a gateway to a different a part of the universe. Locals in Cusco, Peru consider UFO sightings are linked to misplaced gold on the backside of Lake Puray. And some consider beneath the Great Sphinx of Giza lies a complete library left behind by extraterrestrials–a library saved on gold.

Episode 5

Aliens and Mysterious Rituals

air day: 2011-08-25

Throughout the world, historical rites and rituals are believed to attach people to a different dimension. But simply who–or what–are we speaking with? Could immediately’s rituals, similar to festivals, coronations and funerals, be based mostly on early man’s makes an attempt to emulate historical alien guests? If so, what different historical rituals may discover their roots in a kingdom–not of this world?

Episode 6

Aliens and Ancient Engineers

air day: 2011-09-01

Might the instruments and expertise of historical builders have come from distant galaxies? Evidence means that an historical mountaintop fortress in Peru was constructed with laser-like instruments… temples at Vijayanagara India have been constructed to harness cosmic vitality… and an acoustic chamber in Malta enabled interplanetary communication. If the traditional builders did use superior expertise, might it show that aliens visited Earth hundreds of years in the past?

Episode 7

Aliens, Plagues and Epidemics

air day: 2011-09-08

Scientists are regularly challenged by unidentified strains of micro organism with mysterious origins. Could a few of our most crippling plagues and epidemics be traced to the darkest voids of space–or even extraterrestrial intervention? During the Black Death of the Middle Ages, folks reported bronze flying ships emitting an odd mist. As not too long ago as 2011, NASA scientist Richard Hoover revealed proof of life in meteorites. Is it potential that historical aliens–as small as microbes–have formed human historical past?

Episode eight

Aliens and Lost Worlds

air day: 2011-09-15

Mysterious legends and crumbling ruins are all that’s left of our planet’s misplaced worlds. But might there be proof of historical alien guests hidden among the many artifacts of civilizations which have lengthy vanished? Strange carvings counsel the Mayan metropolis of Copan was dominated by the descendants of otherworldly beings. And some consider the traditional Nazca folks altered their bodies–and their lands–to sign the star gods to return. Are the astounding accomplishments of misplaced civilizations merely the merchandise of historical folklore–or might they’ve been one thing… out of this world?

Episode 9

Aliens and Deadly Weapons

air day: 2011-09-22

Iron swords solid in blazing sizzling fires… Gunpowder with the facility to tear aside human flesh… And rockets able to destroying complete cities… Throughout historical past, advances in expertise have result in the event of highly effective weapons–each extra lethal than the final. But have been these deadly weapons the product of human innovation–or have been they created with assist from one other, otherworldly supply?

Episode 10

Aliens and Evil Places

air day: 2011-09-28

For hundreds of years, there have been locations all over the world thought-about harmful to people. Might these places maintain the important thing to an otherworldly connection? At Australia’s Black Mountains, native myths communicate of historical serpent gods and hikers disappearing. Every 12 months tons of are drawn to a darkish forest on the base of Mount Fuji in Japan–to commit suicide. What causes these locations to be evil? Could there be proof that previous extraterrestrial exercise result in the detrimental vitality in Earth’s evil locations?

Episode 11

Aliens and the Founding Fathers

air day: 2011-10-05

What is the which means behind secret messages discovered all through Washington, D.C.? Did America’s Founding Fathers know one thing about historical aliens that most of the people didn’t? And if that’s the case, might this information have been integrated into the symbols, structure, and even the founding paperwork of the United States of America?

Episode 12

Aliens and Deadly Cults

air day: 2011-10-12

Mass suicides. Human sacrifices. Unholy rituals. Throughout historical past, folks have claimed to have otherworldly data, and have led followers to commit horrific acts of violence. Are they con males? Are they insane? Or may the voices of their heads actually be of an extraterrestrial origin? And if that’s the case, did they merely misread the messages they obtained? Or may there be extraterrestrials with a sinister agenda?

Episode 13

Aliens and the Secret Code

air day: 2011-10-19

Megalithic monuments linked collectively by electromagnetic vitality… Prehistoric ruins organized throughout huge distances in straight traces… And superior arithmetic carved into landmarks greater than 5000 years in the past. Were historical man’s spectacular buildings constructed by people alone? Or do they bear proof of being designed–and interconnected–by otherworldly guests?

Episode 14

Aliens and the Undead

air day: 2011-10-26

Zombies rising from their graves… Blood sucking vampires damned for all eternity… and people trapped in a life and dying battle between heaven and hell. For hundreds of years, mankind has instructed tales of encounters with unusual, soulless creatures. Are these beliefs merely artifical fabrications–or might there be extraterrestrial origins in earthly encounters with the undead?

Episode 15

Aliens, Gods and Heroes

air day: 2011-11-16

Superhuman power… Supernatural powers… And the superior potential to fly. Throughout historical past, mankind has instructed unimaginable tales of gods with extraordinary powers. But are these accounts merely tall tales, or might they be based mostly on factual occasions? If legendary gods actually did exist, have been they, as historical astronaut theorists consider, aliens? And might this assist to clarify the enduring reputation of gods, titans and different so-called “super-heroes”?

Episode 16

Aliens and the Creation of Man

air day: 2011-11-23

Why are people so totally different from each different species on Earth? Did we evolve from ape–or is our intelligence the results of contact with an otherworldly supply? Could unexplained advances in human evolution be the work of interstellar beings? 10,000-year-old petroglyphs hyperlink our historical ancestors with star beings. Might proof of alien contact assist unlock the thriller of the Creation of Man?

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