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The first episode of the Documentary, series Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey season 1 was released in 2014-03-09 by Fox Broadcasting Company. The TV show was created by and directed by Ann Druyan, Steven Soter, Neil deGrasse Tyson. Actors in the cast include Neil deGrasse Tyson. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

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Episode 1

Standing Up within the Milky Way

air day: 2014-03-09

The Ship of the Imagination, unfettered by abnormal limits on velocity and measurement, drawn by the music of cosmic harmonies, can take us wherever in area and time. It has been idling for greater than three a long time, and but it has by no means been overtaken. Its international legacy stays vibrant. Now, it is time as soon as once more to set sail for the celebs.

Episode 2

Some of the Things That Molecules Do

air day: 2014-03-16

Host Neil deGrasse Tyson is on a voyage to discover the relatedness of all livings issues and the doable evolution of life within the cosmos. Go on a journey to find how synthetic choice turned the wolf into canine breeds and the way pure choice sculpted the advanced human eye. Later, Tyson visits the grand Hall of Extinction, a monument to all of the damaged branches on the tree of life. Retrace the story of life on Earth and the unbroken thread that stretches from the primary one-celled organisms to human life.

Episode three

When Knowledge Conquered Fear

air day: 2014-03-23

There was a time, not so way back, when pure occasions might solely be understood as gestures of divine displeasure. We will witness the second that every one modified, however first–The Ship of the Imagination is within the brooding, frigid realm of the Oort Cloud, the place a trillion comets wait. Our Ship takes us on a hair-raising experience, chasing a single comet by way of its million-year plunge in direction of the Sun.

Episode four

A Sky Full of Ghosts

air day: 2014-03-30

An exploration of how gentle, time and gravity mix to distort our perceptions of the universe. We listen in on a sequence of walks alongside a seashore on summer time nights within the 12 months 1809. William Herschel, whose many discoveries embrace the perception that telescopes are time machines, tells bedtime tales to his younger son, John, who will develop as much as make some quite profound discoveries of his personal.

Episode 5

Hiding within the Light

air day: 2014-04-06

The Ship of the Imagination travels again in time to disclose 11th century Europe and North Africa throughout the golden age of Islam, when good physicist Ibn al-Haytham found the scientific methodology and first understood how we see, and the way gentle travels. Later, William Herschel discovers the infrared and the signature hidden within the gentle of each star, finally unlocking one of many keys to the cosmos.

Episode 6

Deeper, Deeper, Deeper Still

air day: 2014-04-13

The Ship of the Imagination ventures on an epic voyage to the underside of a dewdrop to discover the universe on the smallest scale and observe unique life kinds invisible to the bare eye. Then, host Neil deGrasse Tyson explains the neural community in our brains which decide our sense of scent and reminiscence, and later, he travels deep beneath the floor of the Earth to find probably the most mysterious particle we all know.

Episode 7

The Clean Room

air day: 2014-04-20

To decide the true age of the Earth, geochemist Clair Patterson developed the uranium-lead courting methodology to make an unprecedented discovery – calculating Earth’s age of four.5 billion years. But Patterson’s groundbreaking discoveries have been simply starting. Patterson made it his mission to attract public consideration to the detrimental results of lead within the atmosphere and devoted his profession to preventing towards the petroleum and chemical business, finally attaining public well being’s greatest victory of the 20th century.

Episode eight

Sisters of the Sun

air day: 2014-04-27

Discover the exceptional story of Annie Jump Cannon and Cecilia Payne, two unbelievable ladies who challenged typical knowledge and uncovered the real-life story of the celebs. Cannon led a bunch of feminine astronomers within the early 20th century to catalogue the spectral characters of stars, and 20 years later, younger British magnificence Payne joined forces with Cannon to research the info and uncover the chemical compositions of the celebs. Later, journey on the Ship of the Imagination to discover the lives and deaths of stars and go to the planet of a star orbiting a globular cluster

Episode 9

The Lost Worlds of Planet Earth

air day: 2014-05-04

The Ship of the Imagination embarks on a journey by way of area and time to understand how the autobiography of the Earth is written in its atoms, its oceans, its continents and all dwelling issues. Later, American geologist Marie Tharp creates the primary true map of Earth’s ocean ground, and discovers microscopic life that exists deep beneath the ocean

Episode 10

The Electric Boy

air day: 2014-05-11

Travel to 19th century England and meet Michael Faraday, a baby of poverty who grew as much as invent the motor and the generator. His concepts about electrical energy and discovery of magnetic fields modified the world and paved the best way for future scientists to make large strides on this planet of excessive know-how and instantaneous communication

Episode 11

The Immortals

air day: 2014-05-18

The Ship of the Imagination travels throughout the cosmos to find the potential of beings that reside perpetually and clarify why different civilizations perish. Then, go to the Cosmic Calendar of the Future and ponder what lies forward with a hopeful imaginative and prescient.

Episode 12

The World Set Free

air day: 2014-06-01

The Ship of the Imagination travels to our close to neighbor Venus, the place we start our journey to find the lengthy historical past of worldwide warming and the greenhouse impact. Later, discover the detrimental results of local weather change and hint the magnitude of our impression on the Earth’s ambiance. However, with data, know-how and science inside our grasp, think about a hopeful future the place we dedicate our efforts to taking good care of our dwelling, Planet Earth.

Episode 13

Unafraid of the Dark

air day: 2014-06-08

The Ship of the Imagination makes a ultimate journey to discover one of many greatest mysteries of the universe: darkish power. Meet one in all science’s best unsung heroes, Fritz Zwicky, whose prediction of supernovas paved the best way for our bigger understanding of darkish power, the unknown pressure within the universe that overwhelms gravity on the grandest scale. On our ultimate voyage, uncover the romantic message embedded in Voyager’s Interstellar Golden Record and ponder the non secular expertise of life on Earth as our cosmic journey concludes with Carl Sagan’s unforgettable meditation, The Pale Blue Dot.

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