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The first episode of the series Port Charles season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 was released in 2002-01-02 by American Broadcasting Company. The TV show was created by and directed by Wendy Riche, Carolyn Culliton, Richard Culliton. Actors in the cast include Jay Pickett, Charles Keating, Amy Weber, Kelly Monaco, Kimberlin Brown, Kin Shriner, Linda Purl, Michael Easton, Michael J. Anderson, Robin Christopher, Rodney Van Johnson, Shannon Sturges, Susan Haskell. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

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Episode 1

01.02.02 – Wednesday: Secrets [Premiere]

air day: 2002-01-02

Rafe denies to Alison inflicting the mysterious gentle and he or she plans to assist him get a second probability at life. Rafe remembers the deal he made to return to Ali by giving up his powers. Frank and Karen deliver two victims of a crash attributable to the sunshine to the hospital. Jack gives to assist Casey, a spunky younger lady, who crashed her bike. Amy, the blind lady Casey bumped into, is handled by Eve and Ian, and so they provide her a spot to remain. Kevin and Lucy’s ardour is interrupted by the arrival of a thriller lady who is aware of Kevin. Victor and Frank uncover scorched land the place the sunshine touched and a mysterious watch.

Episode 2

01.03.02 – Thursday: Secrets

air day: 2002-01-03

Troublemaking Casey kisses Jack, spends stolen cash from Amy, then tries to steal Victor’s mysterious watch. Ian and Eve are impressed that their new houseguest Amy is so perceptive, regardless of being blind. Amy counsels Eve to belief Ian once more and gives to assist. Kevin introduces Lucy to Paige, his first girlfriend, and Lucy is impressed that Paige seems to be remarkably youthful, regardless of being Kevin’s age. Lucy invitations Paige to stick with them to uncover her youthful secret. Amy, Casey and Paige all plan to bathe of their new accomodations, however one thriller lady actually disappears whereas having a shower.

Episode three

01.04.02 – Friday: Secrets

air day: 2002-01-04

Valerie vows revenge on Jamal after he indicators away his rights to Hope. Alison helps Rafe have a day of enjoyable. The invisible lady emerges from her bathe. Paige confronts Lucy about her snooping whereas she showered, however Lucy gives her a job. A towel clad Casey hits on Jack in entrance of Livvie. After her bathe, Amy goes with Eve and Ian to the Recovery Room the place she makes Casey return her stolen pockets. Paige enters with Kevin and Lucy, then Lucy tells Paige she is aware of Paige lied about her purpose for coming to city. Victor tells everybody the thriller watch will not be from Earth which suggests an alien could also be on the town.

Episode four

01.07.02 – Monday: Secrets

air day: 2002-01-07

Victor’s information of a potential alien invasion meets with skepticism and frightens Livvie, who’s calmed down by Amy. Impressed together with her abilities each Kevin and Ian provide her a job at G.H. After Lucy presses Paige for the reality, Paige admits she lied and admits her actual purpose for coming to town- to get Kevin to color her portrait. Lucy then agrees to assist her. After Casey crashes her bike into the Recovery Room, Frank calls for she work for him to repay the injury she’s completed. After spending a carefree day collectively, Rafe takes Alison residence the place Jamal is ready. Unbeknownst to Victor, his mysterious watch strikes.

Episode 5

01.08.02 – Tuesday: Secrets

air day: 2002-01-08

Jamal accuses Rafe of staying on the town to be with Alison and Alison accuses Jamal of shutting her out of his life. After Jamal goes to Valerie, who will not go away the hospital maternity ward, Ali runs to Rafe. After Casey swipes jewellery from a retailer, Ricky tries to con her by pretending to be safety. When she arms the necklace to him, they’re each busted by the cops. Kevin refuses to color Paige’s portrait, however after persuading by each Lucy and Paige, he agrees. Privately, Paige needs she may very well be trustworthy with Kevin. Victor tells Frank the hand on the thriller watch moved, then learns the watch is gone.

Episode 6

01.09.02 – Wednesday: Secrets

air day: 2002-01-09

Amy and Ian get nearer when she opens up about her previous, reads him and makes him “”see”” the world as a blind individual. Amy tells herself privately she’s proper on schedule. Eve, the brand new Chief Resident, will get via to a drunk and depressed Chris and hires him again at G.H. Jamal blames himself for Valerie’s psychological situation and gives to do something to make it as much as her. She surprises him by asking him to offer her one other baby. Alison cries on Rafe’s shoulder and asks him to open up about his needs. He stays guarded, however after sharing a detailed second, he admits he needs to kiss her, then does and he or she responds.

Episode 7

01.10.02 – Thursday: Secrets

air day: 2002-01-10

When Kevin suggests Paige discover one other artist, she insists he paint her as a result of, as her past love, he is aware of her higher than anybody else. Jamal rejects Valerie’s baby-making plan. Alison calls a halt to her ardour with Rafe then goes residence to Jamal. However, when she finds Valerie there, she will get upset and leaves. A jailed Ricky makes a cope with Casey to retrieve her mysterious key from the cops in change for her taking the rap for the jewellery theft. He will get her key again, however she begins a fireplace and so they each escape. Kevin is given a shock by Lucy. Paige reveals privately that she stole Victor’s mysterious watch.

Episode eight

01.11.02 – Friday: Secrets

air day: 2002-01-11

Ricky confronts Casey about her betrayal and calls for she fess as much as her crimes. When she fails to return on to him, Casey knocks him out and takes off. Lucy surprises Kevin with a studio to color Paige and gives to pose nude for him herself. Ian is suspicious of Amy, however Eve says he is overreacting. To present Eve how Amy lives, Ian blindfolds her. Investigating one other flash within the sky, Victor and Frank uncover a backyard in bloom within the snow- and Ricky. Casey meets with Amy and Paige, who returns Casey’s bizarre watch. Casey tells them it is okay if the city suspects aliens, so long as their actual identities are protected.

Episode 9

01.14.02 – Monday: Secrets

air day: 2002-01-14

Kevin makes a nasty impression on Christina when he by accident breaks her doll. Lucy tries to persuade her to offer Kevin an opportunity however she makes it clear she would not like him. Victor errors Ricky for an alien, however Frank learns he is the fugitive who escaped with Casey and turns him in, regardless of Ricky’s pleas that he is harmless. Paige provides Casey and Amy magnetic face plates to hide their bizarre watches. Paige and Amy order Casey to remain in town- and keep out of hassle. Vowing to hide their true identites, the three agree to satisfy often and are surprised when their watches all transfer backwards.

Episode 10

01.15.02 – Tuesday: Secrets

air day: 2002-01-15

After leaving Jamal, Alison exhibits up at Jack and Livvie’s. Privately, Ali tells Livvie she kissed Rafe once more and has emotions for him. Jamal exhibits up however Ali would not wish to see him, then agrees when he pleads his like to her. Casey goes to the police station and clears Ricky of her crimes. She is launched into Frank’s custody and Frank orders her to avoid Ricky. After listening to Victor’s newest information, Amy agrees aliens may exist. However, Amy’s watch units off Victor’s power sensor and he or she stalls when he needs to investigate it. Ian then catches a frantic Amy attempting to dismantle Victor’s system.

Episode 11

01.16.02 – Wednesday: Secrets

air day: 2002-01-16

After catching Amy disabling Victor’s power system, Ian accuses her of hiding one thing. Kevin advises Ian to belief Amy whereas Paige tells Amy to maneuver out of Ian and Eve’s and cease drawing consideration to herself. Paige and Amy are horrified when a waiter spills water on Amy’s arm inflicting it to vanish. Jamal and Alison vow to beat their issues. Jack and Livvie ask Valerie to maneuver in with them, however she vows privately to not let Jamal and Ali get again collectively. After Ed advises him to cope with his newfound feelings, Rafe goes to inform Ali how he feels about her, however she tells him they’ll not see one another.

Episode 12

01.17.02 – Thursday: Secrets

air day: 2002-01-17

Jamal finds Valerie handed out after taking drugs. Paige covers Amy’s invisible arm earlier than Ian and Kevin see it, then Jamal distracts them by asking for assist. Alison says goodbye to Rafe, however cannot cease excited about him. She arrives residence simply as Val is taken to the psych ward. Val declares “”it isn’t over”” to Jamal. Paige finds a wierd man ready for her. After Amy tells Ian she’s shifting out, she tells herself he cannot get too shut. Gabriela and Frank vow to maintain Casey and Ricky aside, however they run into one another anyway. When Rafe comes by, Casey kisses Ricky to keep away from being seen, then asks for assist to get away.

Episode 13

01.18.02 – Friday: Secrets

air day: 2002-01-18

The unusual man ready for Paige is Lucy’s worker, a scientist who needs pores and skin samples from Paige however she refuses. Discreetly, the scientist tells Lucy his evaluation reveals Paige’s pores and skin is simply 25 years outdated. To keep away from Rafe, Casey jumps into Amanda’s limo and Ricky manages to spirit her away with out shedding his job. After pledging a brand new begin with Jamal, Alison encounters Rafe. When he leaves behind his journal, she reads it and discovers he got here again for her. Casey tells Paige and Amy that one other like them is on the town. Meanwhile, Rafe is seen carrying the identical unusual watch as Casey, Paige and Amy.

Episode 14

01.21.02 – Monday: Secrets

air day: 2002-01-21

After studying Paige cannot be greater than 25 years outdated, Lucy speculates to Kevin that she’s an impostor, however he accuses her of being jealous. She then contacts Victor together with her suspicions. Eve suggests to Ian and Chris that she repair up Amy with Chris. Alison reads in Rafe’s journal that he loves her, then she and Rafe determine they can not be pals. Ali goes residence to Jamal, however thinks of Rafe. Paige and Amy are skeptical of Casey’s claims that one other one like them is on the town. They go to the Recovery Room and, after seeing Rafe, the ladies vow to not go away Earth earlier than ending what they got here to do.

Episode 15

01.22.02 – Tuesday: Secrets

air day: 2002-01-22

When Livvie asks about Paige, Kevin explains his causes for portray her portrait and denies any emotions in the direction of her. Casey, Paige and Amy talk about whether or not Rafe will interrupt their second probabilities at life. Casey accuses Paige of wanting Kevin and Amy realizes it is true after Paige explains her causes for returning to Earth. Lucy learns from Victor that Paige was within the automobile accident that killed her husband, however was by no means heard from once more after that. Tipped off by Lucy about Paige, Rafe senses Casey’s presence and follows her to the park the place he calls for to know what Casey, Paige and Amy are doing on the town.

Episode 16

01.23.02 – Wednesday: Secrets

air day: 2002-01-23

Lucy shares Victor’s info on Paige with Kevin, who’s amazed that Paige’s expired passport reveals she nonetheless seems to be the identical. Karen suggests shifting in with Frank to control a lacking Casey. Worried when Amy would not present up for work, Ian calls her mother and father and learns she’s been lacking for three years. After Rafe tells Casey, Paige and Amy he is taking them again to Heaven, the ladies share their tales. Paige died after a automobile accident on her approach to search closure with Kevin, Casey died of an overdose and Amy was shot by a person who conned her for her cash. A flash of sunshine make the 4 of them disappear.

Episode 17

01.24.02 – Thursday: Secrets

air day: 2002-01-24

Alison confides in Livvie that her emotions for Rafe have intensified, particularly after studying her loves her, however Livvie advises her to let Rafe go. Jamal declines to assist an institutionalized Valerie, who blames Alison for all her issues. Chris tells Ian that Amy by no means known as him again about their date. Ricky takes Frank to the park the place Casey was final seen and Ricky finds Amy’s mobile phone. Ian calls Amy’s cellphone however Ricky solutions. Victor advises Kevin to not leap to conclusions about Paige. Valerie escapes from the psych ward. Rafe, Casey, Paige and Amy are transported to a mysterious place.

Episode 18

01.25.02 – Friday: Secrets

air day: 2002-01-25

Ian asks for Mac’s assist in finding a lacking Amy. Ricky denies to Gabriela that he’s affected by Casey’s absence, however clearly he’s. Ian questions Ricky when he solutions Amy’s mobile phone. Casey, Paige, Amy and Rafe are greeted by Ed in Heaven, who advises them to work collectively to complete their life journeys and keep away from errors. Rafe realizes an empty “”fifth chair”” in Heaven means a Port Charles resident will quickly die. A gun-toting Valerie corners Alison in her condominium and threatens to kill her. Jamal, Jack and Livvie present up and Jamal and Valerie wrestle together with her gun earlier than it goes off.

Episode 19

01.28.02 – Monday: Secrets

air day: 2002-01-28

Valerie is shot throughout her battle with Jamal and rushed to the hospital, the place she’s pronounced useless. Ed will not reveal who’ll fill the “”fifth chair”” however tells Casey, Paige, Amy and Rafe they need to assist that individual cross over. Gabriela defends Ricky when Ian accuses him of being behind Amy’s disappearance. Amy, Casey and Paige return to Earth the place Casey encounters Frank, whom she fears will die. Amy accuses Paige of wanting Kevin to die. Amy evades Ian’s questions and Kevin is shocked by Paige’s return. After telling Rafe that Valerie’s not the “”fifth chair,”” Ed provides him the selection to return to Alison who’s in hassle.

Episode 20

01.29.02 – Tuesday: Secrets

air day: 2002-01-29

Amy is upset when Ian tells her he contacted her mother and father throughout her absence. Ian apologizes and he or she agrees to be fastened up with Chris. After Kevin presses her for the reality about her previous, Paige admits she was driving the automobile in the course of the accident that killed her husband. After Kevin comforts her, she fortunately poses for him for her portrait. Rafe returns to Earth to assist Alison, however is instructed by Livvie and Jack to again off. A guilt-ridden Jamal stays by a useless Valerie’s facet and blames himself for her loss of life. Jamal then unleashes his anger on Alison, telling her to go away him alone. Ali goes residence to search out consolation in Rafe’s arms.

Episode 21

01.30.02 – Wednesday: Secrets

air day: 2002-01-30

Casey discovers Ricky’s fraudulent bank card with the Barrington title, then tries blackmailing him into stealing Amanda’s vintage necklace. When Ricky challenges her, she kisses him. Livvie tells Kevin Valerie’s useless, then accuses Paige of attempting to interrupt up Kevin’s marriage, however Kevin says she’s overreacting. Rafe refuses to go away Alison’s facet, regardless of Jack’s warning, and Jack tells them Jamal’s lacking. Livvie arrives and so they all determine to seek for Jamal within the snow storm. Kevin falls within the snow, however Paige would not hear his cries for assist. He’s then electrocuted by a fallen energy line.

Episode 22

01.31.02 – Thursday: Secrets

air day: 2002-01-31

Casey pulls away from Ricky, fearing he is perhaps the one who dies if he will get near her. She tels him she has no future. Alison, Jack, Jamal and Livvie seek for Jamal and Rafe fears Jamal is perhaps the one to die. Jack then learns Jamal was at a bar. Alison calls Rafe on his emotions for her and tells him she will be able to’t return his affections as a result of she loves Jamal. She returns residence to search out Jamal, who tells her they need to pay for Valerie’s loss of life. Lucy returns residence, however Paige would not know the place Kevin is. Sensing one thing’s fallacious, Lucy finds Kevin frozen within the snow, however Paige hesitates to name an ambulance.

Episode 23

02.01.02 – Friday: Secrets

air day: 2002-02-01

Casey denies to Rafe she’s near Ricky and advises him to be with Alison. Eve introduces Chris to Amy and he appears to acknowledge her however she denies ever assembly him. Chris finds an outdated picture of him and Amy. Amy privately reaffirms a promise made to her father. Blaming Alison for Valerie’s loss of life, Jamal tells Alison their relationship’s over. He actually pushes her away and Rafe involves Ali’s protection. Lucy calls 911 when Paige falters and a vital Kevin’s taken to G.H. When Lucy blames her for Kevin’s situation, Paige wonders if she wished Kevin to die. Kevin takes a flip for the more serious as Lucy and Paige look on.

Episode 24

02.04.02 – Monday: Secrets

air day: 2002-02-04

Amy continues to disclaim ever assembly Chris earlier than, even after he says he has an outdated picture of them collectively. Later, Chris catches Amy attempting to steal the picture. Alison stops Rafe from strangling Jamal. Jamal tells Ali he would not love her anymore. Jamal walks out on her and he or she sadly accepts that their relationship is over, then tells Rafe to go away too. Eve and Ian argue about Kevin’s treament after Ian deliberately places Kevin in a coma. Livvie angrily blames Paige for Kevin’s precarious situation. Lucy pleads with Kevin to return to her, however he begins to seizure after which is greeted by Paige in a white gentle.

Episode 25

02.05.02 – Tuesday: Secrets

air day: 2002-02-05

When Chris confronts Amy about stealing his picture, Amy proposes that in return for intercourse, Chris cease investigating her previous and he agrees. When Rafe gives profound recommendation to Livvie, Alison suspects he is aware of Kevin will die. Ali prays within the chapel, then cries over her breakup with Jamal. Ian and Eve proceed arguing about his unorthodox remedy of Kevin. Paige encourages Kevin to cross over to the “”different facet,”” whereas on Earth, Lucy pleads with him to stick with the residing. Hearing her pleas, Kevin tells Paige it would not really feel proper to go together with her, then opens his eyes and reunites along with his household as Paige seems to be in on them.

Episode 26

02.06.02 – Wednesday: Secrets

air day: 2002-02-06

A responsible Paige tells Amy she wished Kevin to die and fears she’s liable for his situation. Amy tells Paige she may sleep with Chris to maintain him quiet, however Paige advises her to not do it. Amy then calls Ian. After Alison tells Jamal she’s shifting out, he wrongly assumes she’s shifting in with Rafe, however she tells him she’s shifting again into her household’s mansion. Ricky and Casey’s plot to steal Amanda’s necklace goes awry when Jamal catches them and calls for they flip it over. Rafe pleads with Alison to not transfer again in together with her grandmother, fearing she’ll be sad, however when she would not hear, he carries her off.

Episode 27

02.07.02 – Thursday: Secrets

air day: 2002-02-07

Amanda blames Jamal for Casey and Ricky’s thwarted jewel theft. Jack’s shocked Jamal did not defend himself and Jamal tells him he is leaving city. Casey feels alive once more after the botched theft and kisses Ricky. Ian and Amy overhear Eve and Chris speaking about them. Ian and Eve talk about their marital issues whereas Amy calls Chris’s bluff after he threatens to disclose her secret. Ian then agrees to drive Amy out of city to see a affected person. Rafe carries Alison to a barn the place they argue about her shifting again in together with her grandmother. Rafe makes her see she will be able to’t throw her life away as a result of she’s hurting and he or she hugs him.

Episode 28

02.08.02 – Friday: Secrets

air day: 2002-02-08

While visiting a hospitalized Kevin, Paige says she’s leaving city, however he asks her to remain till her portrait’s completed. Kevin says he noticed her in a dream throughout his coma, however realizes he wasn’t dreaming when he acknowledges her gown. Driving out of city, Amy admits to Ian she lied about seeing a affected person as a result of she wished to spend time alone with him. Learning Jamal plans to go away city, Livvie asks him to speak with Alison first. With restricted time left on Earth, Rafe admits his emotions for Alison. She admits she has emotions for him too and needs to be greater than pals. He says he needs her and so they start kissing.

Episode 29

02.11.02 – Monday: Secrets

air day: 2002-02-11

After telling Ian she’ll be leaving city quickly, Amy asks Ian to have an affair together with her. Although he is flattered and admits she’s engaging, he kindly rejects her provide. Driving again to city, their automobile skids uncontrolled. Despite his insistence, Paige tries to persuade Kevin that he was solely hallucinating when he recollects seeing her within the afterlife. While drifting off to sleep, Kevin remarks that Paige appeared like an angel within the tunnel of sunshine. In the barn, Rafe and Alison give in to their want and make love for the primary time. They vow to make each second collectively rely as Rafe will quickly be returning to Heaven.

Episode 30

02.12.02 – Tuesday: Secrets

air day: 2002-02-12

After speaking with Casey, Paige thinks that her journey is to have a household with Kevin- even when meaning taking Lucy’s place. Lucy tells Kevin that Paige wants to go away their residence as a result of she’s getting in the best way of their household, however Kevin insists Paige keep so he can end her portrait. Eve is anxious when she would not hear from Ian and will get upset when Chris suggests he is having an affair with Amy. Ian’s leg is injured after a automobile accident with Amy. Trapped, Ian tells Amy how he and Eve virtually equally died when Harris kidnapped them. Determined to get them residence, a blind Amy volunteers to drive.

Episode 31

02.13.02 – Wednesday: Secrets

air day: 2002-02-13

Gabriela tries and fails to cease Jamal from combating in a again alley. However, she’s critically injured when a fighter swings at Jamal and hits her as a substitute. With Ian as her information, a blind Amy drives them residence till Ian swerves the automobile off the highway inflicting them to be stranded once more. Eve and Chris seek for a lacking Ian and discover him- with Amy. Eve and Chris are each suspicious of Amy’s story about seeing an out-of-town affected person. Alison prays for the one good summer time with Rafe. Rafe hears her say she nonetheless cares for Jamal, however she claims she loves him now. Ed grants Ali’s want by transporting them to a sunny seashore.

Episode 32

02.14.02 – Thursday: Secrets

air day: 2002-02-14

On Valentine’s Day, Alison and Rafe have enjoyable on a seashore, attributing their magical outing to the ability of their love. Eve’s plans for a romantic night with Ian are derailed when she’s known as to the hospital. He later goes there to shock her however finds Amy as a substitute. Ricky and Casey plot once more to steal Amanda’s helpful necklace, then give into their attraction and kiss. Paige volunteers to babysit Christina so Lucy and Kevin can spend a romantic evening collectively. Kevin surprises Lucy by returning residence from the hospital and the 2 keep in mind previous romantic instances. Envious of Lucy, Paige will get nearer to Christina.

Episode 33

02.15.02 – Friday: Secrets

air day: 2002-02-15

Ricky and Casey’s ardour is placed on maintain when Gabriela’s rushed to the hospital, the place Jamal and Ricky argue about Jamal’s function in Gaby’s accident. Ricky seize a scalpel to make use of on Jamal. After encountering Amy, Ian explains he thought she was Eve. Amy appears amused when Colleen finds them along with the lights out. Amy, fearing Ian may fill the fifth chair, pulls away once they get shut. Ian discovers Amy’s watch is equivalent to the one Victor discovered. While Lucy’s gone, Paige will get nearer to Christina and helps her bond with Kevin. Kevin additionally acknowledges Paige’s watch as being equivalent to Victor’s.

Episode 34

02.18.02 – Monday: Secrets

air day: 2002-02-18

Amy tells Paige she’s getting nearer to Ian, which is derailing her plans. Paige additionally admits she’s falling for Kevin. However, Amy privately vows to her father she will not permit herself to get near Ian. Ian and Kevin examine notes on the mysterious watches of Paige and Amy and each conclude that the 2 girls are related and hiding one thing. Jamal feels accountable when Karen tells Gabriela that her remaining kidney has been compromised. Casey stops Ricky from hurting Jamal with a scalpel. After chopping the brakes, Casey tries to cease Ricky from taking off on Jamal’s bike however is just too late.

Episode 35

02.19.02 – Tuesday: Secrets

air day: 2002-02-19

Ricky stops Jamal’s bike in entrance of Casey, who mistakenly failed to chop the brakes. Relieved he is okay, Casey will get passionate when Ricky suspects she’s hiding one thing. When he suspects she’s a virgin, she runs off. A hospitalized Gabriela will get a go to from her outdated flame, Joe Scanlon. Returning to city with Rafe, Alison’s hesitant to go public with their relationship, however agrees to maneuver in with him. Livvie tells Jamal that Ali’s lacking and he finds her at their condominium however takes off after studying she’s shifting in with Rafe. Upset, Ali breaks down in tears over their failed relationship.

Episode 36

02.20.02 – Wednesday: Secrets

air day: 2002-02-20

Discussing their time-limited relationship, Alison tries destroying Rafe’s watch, then suspects there are different angels on the town, however he asks her to drop it. Chris tells Amy his investigation revealed her initials to be “”AH”” and asks her actual title. Privately, she vows to maintain her identification secret. Ian provides Kevin Amy’s hospital ID so Victor can examine the connection between Amy and Paige. They cowl when Paige asks what they’re as much as and he or she implores Kevin to complete her portrait earlier than she leaves city in 6 weeks. Kevin and Ian study that Amy’s picture matches that of a “”Jane Doe”” who died a yr in the past.

Episode 37

02.21.02 – Thursday: Secrets

air day: 2002-02-21

Kevin and Ian get hold of proof Amy died and vow to uncover the reality about Amy and Paige. Amy has problem being human once more, however Paige encourages her to fall in love with Ian, since Paige’s going after Kevin. Paige will get suspicious when Kevin assessments her about their previous, then mistakenly believes he has emotions for her. After questioning Amy proves futile, Ian has her fingerprints analyzed and discovers she has no human prints. Lucy learns Rafe and Alison are a pair and so they clarify their love affair to her. She advises them to be cautious, nonetheless, Ali, throwing warning to the wind, asks Rafe to offer her a child.

Episode 38

02.22.02 – Friday: Secrets

air day: 2002-02-22

Alison explains why she needs Rafe’s child. Although he is hesitant, she asks him to consider it. Paige kisses Kevin, pondering he loves her, however he units her straight. Lucy interrupts and Kevin explains he was attempting to find Paige’s secret. After Ricky tells Casey it is cool she’s a virgin, she asks him to make like to her. Ian takes Amy to the alley the place she was murdered and asks her who she actually is. Upset, Amy virtually admits the reality. In a flash of sunshine, Amy vanishes; Paige disappears whereas studying to Christina; Casey disappears earlier than making like to Ricky; and Rafe vanishes from Ali’s arms.

Episode 39

02.25.02 – Monday: Secrets

air day: 2002-02-25

Ed recollects Rafe, Casey, Paige and Amy to Heaven and berates them for his or her errors. When the ladies speak again to Ed, he sends them to Hell to show them a lesson, then sends all of the angels again to Earth to complete their journeys, wihthout saying who’ll fill the fifth chair. Concerned about Rafe’s disappearance, Alison accuses Livvie of unveiling that Rafe’s an angel. Livvie denies it, however admits she’s glad Rafe’s gone as a result of he wasn’t actual. Ali’s relieved when Rafe returns to her. Kevin and Ian examine notes on a lacking Amy and Paige till the ladies return with Ed, who guarantees to disclose inform the reality about them.

Episode 40

02.26.02 – Tuesday: Secrets

air day: 2002-02-26

A recovering Gabriela agrees to go away with Joe. Gaby asks Ricky and Jamal to get alongside, for her sake, after she’s gone. Casey returns to Ricky, who tells her to get misplaced. She hits on Jamal, however when he rejects her, she angrily admits she tampered along with his bike. Ed tells Kevin and Ian their snooping into Paige and Amy’s lives is harmful to the ladies, making them suppose the ladies are in a witness safety program. Kevin tells Paige she will be able to’t stick with him anymore, however he guarantees to complete her portrait. Chris stirs up Eve’s suspicions about Amy and Ian and, once they arrive collectively, she calls for to talk with them.

Episode 41

02.27.02 – Wednesday: Secrets

air day: 2002-02-27

Ricky denies to Jamal he cares for Casey, however he asks Jamal to go away Casey alone even thought she tried killing him. Some males ask them to play craps and Ricky plans to cheat. Alison inquires about Rafe’s mysterious absence. He cannot inform her however does say they can not have a child collectively. Casey arrives to speak to Rafe, upset Ricky may fill the fifth chair. Ali overhears and realizes somebody will die. Eve accuses Ian of sleeping with Amy. Ian denies this, however she would not consider him and vows to search out out what Amy’s hiding. Amy confronts Eve on the roof the place they argue, then shove one another and each fall over the railing.

Episode 42

02.28.02 – Thursday: Secrets

air day: 2002-02-28

Alison asks Rafe who’ll die. He would not know however will get upset when she suggests it is her. Lucy’s upset when she overhears Paige inform Christina she loves her like her personal daughter. Ian pulls Eve up from the roof. Amy falls over however miraculously has no severe accidents. Eve thinks Ian suspects she pushed Amy. Ed visits the goals of his four angels the place a virgin Casey marries Ricky, Rafe has an actual life with Ali, Paige turns into a household with Kevin & Christina and Amy will get her sight again and Ian loves her. Ed vows to uncover the identification of the “”darkish angel””, who has a sinister plan to fill the fifth chair.

Episode 43

03.01.02 – Friday: Secrets

air day: 2002-03-01

Christina pleads with Paige to not go to a resort. Paige tells Christina she’ll nonetheless be round, however a sick Christina loses consciousness after Paige leaves. Amy tells Eve she fell for Ian and tried seducing him however he remained devoted to Eve. Ian interrupts and asks Eve to battle for his or her marriage. Amy tells her father she misses him and needs to make him proud. After Alison finds an outdated candle, she tells Rafe about her childhood talks together with her great-great-grandmother Rebecca’s portrait. Casey arrives to hunt recommendation from Rafe about Ricky. As they go exterior to speak, Ali falls asleep whereas the gasoline leaks.

Episode 44

03.04.02 – Monday: Secrets

air day: 2002-03-04

Rafe provides Casey recommendation about Ricky. She fears Ricky is perhaps the fifth chair, then accuses Rafe of wanting Alison to die. Rafe finds Ali unconscious and calls an ambulance. Frank treats Ali, who goals of Rafe. Frank realizes Ali would not wish to get up. Casey tells Ricky she likes him and needs to begin over. The males Jamal and Ricky conned return and wish to win their a refund. Casey inadvertently clues them that Ricky cheated. At the hospital, Karen treats an unwell Christina as Lucy and Kevin panic when she loses her listening to. Asking if she’s going to Heaven, Christina reaches out to Kevin for the primary time.

Episode 45

03.05.02 – Tuesday: Secrets

air day: 2002-03-05

Jack rescues Jamal and Ricky from the thugs they conned, however Jamal resents his interference. Rafe pleads with Alison to get up, which she does after he kisses her. Ian tells Kevin and Lucy that Christina has an unique sickness. Upset, Lucy blames Paige, although Kevin says she’s in a witness safety program. Amy accuses Paige of wanting Christina to fill the fifth chair, which Paige denies. Casey joins their argument and Ed wonders which one’s the darkish angel. Amy comforts a distraught Ian, whereas Kevin overhears Paige inform Christina to not be afraid to let go as a result of she’ll be together with her each step of the best way.

Episode 46

03.06.02 – Wednesday: Secrets

air day: 2002-03-06

After Eve tells Chris about her issues with Amy, he asks Jack to explode his image of Amy. Before leaving city with Joe, Gabriela asks Ricky to take care of a troubled Jamal. Kevin calls for an evidence from Paige about what she instructed Christina, however she accuses him of twisting her phrases. Kevin calls for the reality about Paige, however when she will be able to’t inform him, he asks her to go away his household alone. Christina’s sickness triggers painful reminiscences in Ian, who tells Amy how Harris induced the loss of life of sick kids. Amy breakdowns and Eve watches Ian consolation her. Eve sadly tells Ian their marriage is not working.

Episode 47

03.07.02 – Thursday: Secrets

air day: 2002-03-07

Livvie tells Alison about Jamal’s harmful streak and asks her to assist him. Casey apologizes to Jamal, who lashes out at her. Ali reaffirms her dedication to Rafe, then visits Jamal. Eve tells Ian she’s submitting for divorce. He asks her not to surrender too quickly, then takes her to Harris’s lair to remind her the place they fell in love. Kevin and Lucy are relieved when a hospitalized Christina regains consciousness. Kevin tells Lucy that Paige is out of their lives for good. At residence, Kevin finds his investigator’s report on Paige’s loss of life and reads it. When Kevin realizes who Paige actually is, he takes off after her.

Episode 48

03.08.02 – Friday: Secrets

air day: 2002-03-08

In Harris’s lair, Ian asks Eve to recollect their love. Although she’s uncertain, Ian professes his love and says they will make it. Rafe asks the opposite angels who they suppose would be the fifth chair. They accuse him of wanting it to be Alison, however he suspects they know who’ll die. Ali will get via to Jamal by telling him she nonetheless loves him. He asks for an additional probability, however she gently turns him down. The man Jamal conned, JD, beats him up as Casey watches. Kevin tells Paige he is satisfied she’s an angel. Amy remembers her promise to her father- Harris- to avenge his loss of life, then vows Ian will die and fill the fifth chair.

Episode 49

03.11.02 – Monday: Secrets

air day: 2002-03-11

Pressed by Kevin, Paige admits she’s an angel and says she got here again to have her portrait taken and likewise for Kevin, whom she by no means obtained over. Kevin literaly sees Paige in a brand new gentle. Casey and Ricky leap in when JD beats Jamal and JD takes off. Ricky goes after him, however Casey and Jamal discover him badly injured. Ed confronts Amy, the darkish angel, about her plan to kill Ian. She insists she’s going to do it, however Ed realizes Amy’s in love with Ian. Being trustworthy with one another, Eve unleashes her anger on Ian, who admits he was interested in Amy. They notice they nonetheless love one another and start to make love.

Episode 50

03.12.02 – Tuesday: Secrets

air day: 2002-03-12

After Lucy catches Kevin and Paige collectively, Paige admits to Lucy she’s an angel. Although Lucy needs Paige to go away, Kevin insists he’ll end Paige’s portrait. Ricky would not need Jamal or Casey to get assist for his injured face as a result of he fears he’ll be despatched again to jail. They take him to the Scanlon home, however Jamal secretly seeks assist from Frank. When Frank and Jamal return, Casey lies that Ricky’s gone, nonetheless, Frank says Ricky may die if he would not get medical consideration. Worried concerning the fifth chair, Rafe goes to Heaven with Alison. They discover the guide of information and uncover that Alison will fill the fifth chair.

Episode 51

03.13.02 – Wednesday: Secrets

air day: 2002-03-13

Eve tells Karen she and Ian have fortunately reunited, thanks partly to Amy. Amy tries to persuade herself she would not love Ian and wishes to hold out her plot to kill him. However, when he tells her that he was trustworthy with Eve about his attraction to her, she misunderstands that he loves her and realizes she will be able to’t undergo together with her lethal mission. Rafe realizes he solely dreamed Alison would fill the fifth chair, then wonders if it may very well be true. Ali realizes he fears she’s the fifth chair, however tells him to deal with the time they’ve left as a substitute. Ed learns the identification of the fifth chair, somebody younger and very important.

Episode 52

03.14.02 – Thursday: Secrets

air day: 2002-03-14

Using her tarot playing cards, Lucy helps Paige uncover the explanation she was despatched again to Earth. They study her journey includes a “”younger lady”” and “”household”” in Port Charles. After Ricky develops a fever and passes out, Casey seeks out Frank and a bitter Jamal, who take him to the hospital. Casey prays Ricky will not fill the fifth chair. Alison and Rafe go to the barn and meet two younger runaway pals, who do not wish to be separated. A sympathetic Rafe and Alison provide sage recommendation, understanding they’re in the identical scenario. Rafe carves his and Ali’s names on a publish within the barn after which Ali asks Rafe to marry her.

Episode 53

03.15.02 – Friday: Secrets

air day: 2002-03-15

At the hospital, Ricky accuses Casey of betraying him. Eve and Karen deal with his an infection, nonetheless, he refuses cosmetic surgery after which is horrified to see his scarred face for the primary time. After Alison proposes, Rafe arranges a make-shift wedding ceremony and the 2 change vows and marry one another within the eyes of God. Under the mistaken impression he loves her, Amy meets Ian and is upset to study he is reconciled with Eve. Amy meets together with her late father and guarantees him Ian pays. Jack exhibits Chris an enlarged pic of Amy, which reveals her father Harris. With new information on Amy, Chris provides the picture to Eve in an evelope.

Episode 54

03.18.02 – Monday: Secrets

air day: 2002-03-18

After Kevin finishes Paige’s portrait, Lucy insists all of them go to Paige’s London residence, the place they will hold the image and search for clues about Paige’s household connection to Port Charles. Rafe and Alison bask of their happiness as unofficial husband and spouse. After Ali tells him about her absent mother and father, Rafe makes a mysterious cellphone name. Still damage over Ian, Amy guarantees Harris that Ian will die on Harris’s birthday. Eve would not wish to see Chris’s pic of Amy so he discreetly places in her purse, then taunts Amy about it. After planning a trip collectively, Ian and Eve return to their loft, the place Amy hides at the hours of darkness.

Episode 55

03.19.02 – Tuesday: Secrets

air day: 2002-03-19

Jack confronts Jamal about his harmful habits and so they commerce blows. Jack lastly makes Jamal notice he is not liable for Valerie’s loss of life and Jamal lets out his pent-up grief. Casey tries comforting Ricky, who’s upset over his scarred face. She tells him she loves him, however when he learns she’ll quickly be leaving city, he thinks she pities him and rejects her. While Ian and Eve are distracted by a lack of energy of their loft, Amy retrieves Chris’s picture from Eve’s purse and leaves undetected. However, Eve realizes somebody was there. A calculating Amy then telephones in a lethal order for Ian.

Episode 56

03.20.02 – Wednesday: Secrets

air day: 2002-03-20

Jamal apologizes to Alison for treating her badly earlier than ending their relationship. Casey tells Rafe how Ricky damage her and he tells her to take advantage of the time she has left. Rafe has a shock for Ali. Livvie tells Jack she would not approve of Ali and Rafe’s relationship as Rafe’s leaving city quickly and Ali will likely be damage. Chris visits Eve and learns of the break-in in her loft, then suspects Amy when he realizes the image he put in Eve’s purse is lacking. Ian unknowingly helps Amy shred the image, then fears the intruder was after Amy, who bids him goodbye. Eve and Chris confront Amy concerning the break-in.

Episode 57

three.21.02 – Thursday: Secrets

air day: 2002-03-21

Rafe’s shock for Alison is a bust when her people do not present up for dinner, however Ali needs to deal with her time with Rafe. Paige is reluctant to go away behind her life in Port Charles and return to London, however Kevin makes her see she must complete her journey. After Eve calls for an evidence, Amy admits breaking into Ian and Eve’s loft to retrieve Chris’s pic as a result of she’s within the witness safety program. Ian, Eve and Chris purchase her story, however Ian will get suspicious when he sees the late Ed’s pic in a journey brochure. The angels are warned their time on Earth is sort of over and Amy vows Ian’s time is sort of over too.

Episode 58

03.22.02 – Friday: Secrets

air day: 2002-03-22

Realizing Ed died years in the past, Ian talks to Victor, whose perception raises doubts about Amy’s story about being within the witness safety program. As an invisible Amy showers, Ian goes to confront her and is surprised when she re-emerges in entrance of his eyes. In London, Lucy, Kevin and Paige hold Paige’s portrait in her household residence. Reading Paige’s household scroll, Lucy realizes a relative’s portrait is lacking, then exhibits Kevin a reputation which connects Paige to Port Charles. Alison takes Rafe to “”meet”” her great-great-great-grandmother Rebecca (or somewhat her portrait). Rafe’s surprised to see Rebecca seems to be precisely like Paige!

Episode 59

03.25.02 – Monday: Secrets

air day: 2002-03-25

In London, Kevin and Lucy make a household connection between Paige and Alison and Paige decides she needs to satisfy Ali earlier than leaving Earth. After seeing Rebecca’s portrait, which seems to be like Paige, Rafe fears Paige needs to take Ali again with them to fill the fifth chair. Frightened, Rafe asks Ali to runaway with him. After Ian sees an invisible Amy seem in entrance of him, she knocks him out and runs away. Ian catches up together with her and calls for an evidence. She explains she died and is an angel who was given a 2nd probability at life. Amy additionally says she loves him and asks him to stick with her throughout her ultimate three days on Earth.

Episode 60

03.26.02 – Tuesday: Secrets

air day: 2002-03-26

Jack and Livvie ask Jamal to return to the bike store, however he refuses. Alone, Jamal is cornered by J.D.’s gang, who beats him up. Casey tells Ricky she loves him and divulges her “”actual”” self to him. Ricky tells Casey she’s stunning and so they start to make love. Amy asks Ian to make like to her, however he will not betray Eve. She asks him to think about a dying lady’s final want and can watch for his name. Amy goals Ian involves her room, then she poisons him. Ian returns to Eve and calls Amy to say that though he will not meet her, she will be able to name if she wants him. Amy’s satisfied Ian will come to her and he or she’ll have her revenge.

Episode 61

03.27.02 – Wednesday: Secrets

air day: 2002-03-27

After an evening of lovemaking, Casey tells Ricky she’s an angel and can quickly return to Heaven. Ricky would not consider her however does say he loves her. Jamal wakes up along with his legs and arms tied, however is ready to name Ricky, who comes after him, unaware J.D.’s ready for him. Jack and Livvie fear a few lacking Jamal. Paige, Kevin and Lucy search for Alison and Livvie directs them to the barn. Lucy, suspicious of Paige’s motives, makes use of her tarot playing cards, which reveal the “”Death”” card. In the barn, Rafe panics that Paige will come for Ali. Rafe and Ali pledge their everlasting love. Paige arrives and comes face-to-face with Rafe.

Episode 62

03.28.02 – Thursday: Secrets

air day: 2002-03-28

When Paige exhibits up, Rafe fears she needs to place Alison within the fifth chair and would not let Paige see Alison. Paige pleads her case, saying she and Ali are associated, however Rafe provides her the slip and runs away with Ali, who calls for to know why they’re working. Ricky goes to the warehouse to rescue Jamal, however falls into J.D.’s entice, who ties them each up and units the place on hearth. Realizing the place Ricky went, Casey exhibits up however cannot save them as a result of the door’s locked. Before leaving on trip with Eve, Ian will get a name from Amy, who says she’s too scared to face loss of life alone. Without telling Eve, Ian goes to Amy’s resort room.

Episode 63

03.29.02 – Friday: Secrets [Finale]

air day: 2002-03-29

Paige says goodbye to Lucy, Christina & Kevin, who thanks her for serving to them change into a household. Rafe tells Alison he fears Paige’s after her. He pledges his everlasting love, then vanishes. Using her key, Casey rescues Ricky and Jamal from the fireplace, then tells Ricky she’s discovered love. After she vanishes, Ricky’s face is totally healed. Amy tries poisoning Ian however cannot undergo with it when he says he loves her. Amy reveals her true identification however Ian says she’s a very good individual. Amy will get her sight again, then vanishes. Paige rescues Ali from the trail of an oncoming prepare. The angels return to Heaven, the place Ed welcomes the fifth chair- Eve!