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The first episode of the series Port Charles season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 was released in 2002-07-01 by American Broadcasting Company. The TV show was created by and directed by Wendy Riche, Carolyn Culliton, Richard Culliton. Actors in the cast include Jay Pickett, Charles Keating, Amy Weber, Kelly Monaco, Kimberlin Brown, Kin Shriner, Linda Purl, Michael Easton, Michael J. Anderson, Robin Christopher, Rodney Van Johnson, Shannon Sturges, Susan Haskell. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

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Episode 1

07.01.02 – Monday: Torn [Premiere]

air day: 2002-07-01

Lucy and Kevin joyously reunite and he or she fills him in on Ali’s situation. Victor, Serena and Christina quickly be part of them. Kevin desires to name Livvie, however Victor and Lucy dissuade him. After studying Rafe went to the hospital, Livvie races over there to cease him from operating into Alison. At the hospital, Ali awakens after Rafe kisses her they usually proceed kissing. Alison thinks she died, however Rafe reassures her that she’s alive- solely he would not know who she is. Ian, Jack and Jamal enter and are shocked by Ali’s medical progress. Ian declares Alison miracously cured and telephones Lucy and learns Kevin’s alive. Rafe, in the meantime, claims he has amnesia. Alison tries to assist him bear in mind, however he tells her he is married. Livvie then enters and declares she’s Rafe’s new bride! Elsewhere, an ominous shadowy determine enters Port Charles.

Episode 2

07.02.02 – Tuesday: Torn

air day: 2002-07-02

Ricky and Karen each fear about their new relationship, however then make love. Karen then finds an image of Casey in Ricky’s house. At the hospital, Ian and Kate encounter a battered spouse, whose husband tries to elucidate away her accidents. Kate calls the police as Ian treats the girl. After the husband vows to make his spouse pay, he turns into scared when a mysterious shadow approaches him. Alison is shocked to be taught Rafe married Livvie. Lucy and Kevin arrive and Livvie is shocked that her father’s alive. Rafe is confused when Lucy calls him “”cousin”” and runs out. Livvie tells Kevin that she and Rafe have fallen in love, whereas Ali tells Lucy how Livvie tricked Rafe into marrying her. Lucy agrees to assist Rafe get well his reminiscence. Rafe then refuses to return residence with Livvie till she tells him the reality.

Episode three

07.03.02 – Wednesday: Torn

air day: 2002-07-03

At the hospital, the abusive husband, who met with Ian and Kate, is discovered practically overwhelmed demise and blames an “”Angel of Death.”” While treating him, Karen realizes he has no bruises or marks on his physique. Alison tells Jack that Livvie married Rafe. Jack suggests they might have been collectively earlier than, however, after passionately arguing that, Ali passes out. Livvie admits to Rafe she lied as a way to defend them from Alison. Rafe is upset Livvie intentionally stored her from his loves ones and walks away from her, then goes to Alison, however Jack will not let him see her. Jack vows to kill Rafe if he ever hurts her.

Episode four

07.04.02 – Thursday: Torn

air day: 2002-07-04

Frank gives his acceptance of Ricky and Karen, who’re able to go public as a pair. Livvie lies to Kevin that she didn’t body Alison for his homicide. Lucy tells Rafe that he belong with Alison, not Livvie, and advises him to spend extra time along with her to get his reminiscence again. Mary is mugged within the park by two punks. Livvie visits a sleeping Alison and vows not let Ali mess up her marriage to Rafe. Livvie hides when she hears Rafe coming and listens as Rafe asks Ali to inform him all about their relationship.

Episode 5

07.05.02 – Friday: Torn

air day: 2002-07-05

Kate tells Ian she’ll be leaving Port Charles, then calls her important different. Later, Kate will get a wierd cellphone name and tells the caller she’ll get the cash as quickly as she will be able to. In the park, after Victor cannot discover his spouse, Jamal, Jack, Ricky and Karen seek for her. Mary, in the meantime, is mugged by two thugs, who steal her purse and marriage ceremony ring. The mugging is stopped when a mysterious shadow arrives and the 2 imply scream in worry. Everyone then finds Mary- after which the muggers, who’re hanging the other way up from a tree. The muggers blame an eerie “”hooded man with no face.”” Alison fills Rafe in on their life collectively as Livvie secretly listens. However, Rafe nonetheless cannot bear in mind their previous. Later, Livvie tells Rafe she thinks she’s pregnant.

Episode 6

07.08.02 – Monday: Torn

air day: 2002-07-08

The two muggers are arrested and point out a mysterious hooded shadow. Ian, Jack and Jamal talk about the most recent supernatural phenomenon to hit city. Kate visits Alison to say goobye, then Amanda enters and tells Kate she’s been promoted however should keep on the town. After Livvie tells Rafe she could be pregnant, he appears skeptical, however agrees to stick with her if she is pregnant. Later, he offers her a house being pregnant take a look at to take.

Episode 7

07.09.02 – Tuesday: Torn

air day: 2002-07-09

An unseen particular person spies on Ricky and Karen. Later, Karen, strolling alone, is mugged. Jack and Jamal chase the “”shadow”” who seems to be an impostor making an attempt to impress girls. Livvie medical doctors the being pregnant take a look at Rafe gave her. Ali tracks down Rafe and enters his motel room simply as he reads Livvie’s “”optimistic”” being pregnant take a look at outcomes.

Episode eight

07.10.02 – Wednesday: Torn

air day: 2002-07-10

A TV reporter interviews Jamal concerning the “”shadow,”” whereas a mysterious particular person watches the interview, then marks Port Charles on a map. Karen is rescued from a mugging by a mysterious cloaked particular person, who assaults her mugger. Seeing the thriller particular person’s face, Karen says, “”Oh my God, it is you.”” Ricky then arrives and nabs the mugger. When the cops take Karen’s assertion, she makes Ricky out to be the hero however would not point out the “”shadow.”” Meanwhile, Kevin thanks Ian for being a very good pal to Lucy throughout his absence. Ian turns down Lucy’s invite to stick with them completely. Ali enters Livvie’s motel room and calls for to speak to Rafe, who privately tells her Livvie’s pregnant. Ali insists Livvie’s mendacity, however realizes Rafe is not upset concerning the being pregnant and will need to have made like to Livvie. Ali takes off earlier than telling Rafe what she got here to inform him, then breaks down in tears within the park. Livvie then points Rafe an ultimatum- he should select between Alison OR the child and Livvie. Raf

Episode 9

07.11.02 – Thursday: Torn

air day: 2002-07-11

Kate tells Ian her new promotion will preserve her on the town, however dodges his questions on her boyfriend. Ian senses that Kate is mendacity. After studying from Alison that Livvie claims she’s pregnant, Jack is skeptical and advises Ali to talk with Rafe alone. Jack then comes up with a plan on the best way to get them collectively. Realizing she’s ovulating, Livvie makes an attempt to seduce Rafe to get pregnant for actual, however he calls a halt to their ardour. Jack calls and tells Rafe to go the Barringtons’ as a result of Ali’s in hassle and Rafe takes off, leaving a fuming Livvie by herself. At the Barringtons’, Jack lies that Ali’s locked herself within the attic and will not come out. However, when Ali opens the attic door for Rafe, Jack pushes Rafe in and locks the 2 of them in collectively.

Episode 10

07.12.02- Friday: Torn

air day: 2002-07-12

Ricky overhears Karen’s confession she was rescued by the “”shadow”” and never him. Ricky is upset till Karen explains why she lied that he was her hero. Locked collectively within the attic, Rafe thinks Ali’s enjoying video games, whereas she tries to make him see the reality about Livvie. When Rafe nonetheless cannot bear in mind their previous, Ali turns into upset. However, Rafe admits he nonetheless cares for her however he is married. Ali asks him to kiss her to show that he would not have emotions for her. He does however then finally ends up kissing her passionately. Jamal is stunned when he bumps into Casey exterior the bike store. After ready for Rafe to return, Livvie goes out to seek out him. Cutting by means of the woods, she feels somebody’s following her. After falling on the bottom, she’s scared when she sees a shadow approaching her.

Episode 11

07.15.02 – Monday: Torn

air day: 2002-07-15

In the woods, Livvie is adopted, then journeys and falls to the bottom. A mysterious shadow approaches and stands over her. Jamal runs into a lady who appears to be like like Casey, however the lady, Marissa, is a reporter investigating the paranormal exercise on the town. She desires the reality concerning the “”shadow,”” however Jamal claims there isn’t any story. She takes off when he calls Ricky. Rafe and Alison kiss however he is conflicted due to his marriage and uborn youngster. Ali makes him see he has emotions for her they usually kiss once more. But Rafe pulls again, kicks down the door and leaves. Ali, assured she’s getting by means of to Rafe, vows not to surrender on him. Ed and James observe Rafe and Ali and talk about their wager. When they can not see Livvie, James tells Ed a darkish and highly effective drive has entered the image. Rafe returns to the motel and learns Livvie ran out so he takes off after her. In the woods, Livvie’s shoe is seen mendacity on the bottom, however Livvie’s nowhere to be discovered because the shadow walks away.

Episode 12

07.16.02 – Tuesday: Torn

air day: 2002-07-16

Karen suggests she and Ricky rethink their relationship after he insists she accompany him to Manhattan when she already declined. When Karen mentions she’s not like Casey, Ricky tells her Casey’s useless. Ian, Frank and Karen go to a run-down house and Kate threatens to sue the slumlord. Later, the slumlord privately threatens her. Marissa hunts for the “”shadow”” within the woods however as an alternative finds Jamal- and Livvie’s shoe. Marissa additionally tells Jamal she had a twin sister who died at start. Marissa tells him she did have a twin sister who died at start. Rafe tells Alison and Jack that Livvie’s lacking, however Jack insists she’s merely hiding. Rafe and Jack alternate punches after Jack implies Rafe’s not the daddy of Livvie’s child and tells him how Livvie falsely cried rape on Jack. Jamal comes by and breaks up the struggle and Rafe sees Marissa with Livvie’s shoe. Jack then thinks one thing did occur to Livvie.

Episode 13

07.17.02- Wednesday: Torn

air day: 2002-07-17

Karen decides to make a go of her relationship with Ricky and calls him, as he was remembering Casey. He is completely satisfied when she tells him she’s going to go to New York with him. Later, they run into Jamal and Marissa and are shocked by her resemblance to Casey. While trying to find Livvie, Jack tells Rafe that Livvie was Caleb’s bride. They discover a piece of her nightgown, whereas Alison stumbles upon an unconscious Livvie. After the slumlord threatens Kate the “”shadow”” seems and tells Kate to go. Kate runs into Ian, who finds the owner tied up, however no “”shadow.”” Later, the “”shadow”” emerges after Kate and Ian go away.

Episode 14

07.18.02 – Thursday: Torn

air day: 2002-07-18

Ricky is shocked by Marissa’s resemblance to Casey, however later tells Karen he put Casey up to now and moved on with Karen. After Jamal means that Marissa and Casey have been twins, Marissa calls her mom to seek out out. Alison, Jack and Rafe discover Livvie unconscious within the woods. Livvie says she tripped, hit her head and blacked out, however would not point out the shadow. Rafe takes Livvie to the hospital the place assessments reveal that her child is prospering. Ian and Kate make separate plans to go to New York. She plans on visiting her “”honey”” whereas he desires to analyze the “”shadow.”” Chris and Doree additionally talk about the “”shadow.”” Later, Ian is confronted by the “”shadow”” who, after warning Ian to not intervene, mysteriously disappears.

Episode 15

07.19.02 – Friday: Torn

air day: 2002-07-19

Rafe’s lower than thrilled to listen to Livvie’s child is okay and tells Livvie he would not love her, then takes off to seek out Alison. Alison tells Jack that Livvie is absolutely pregnant. Rafe tells Ali he desires her, nevertheless, she lets him go due to his spouse and youngster. Ian learns from a professor pal that the “”shadow”” is an city legend referred to as “”The Avatar”” who wanders from city to city looking for justice, however, after discovering a human host, turns into extra highly effective earlier than revealing a darkish facet. Livvie remembers the pact she made with the “”shadow,”” through which he’ll give her a child and he or she’ll preserve his identification secret.

Episode 16

07.22.02 – Monday: Torn

air day: 2002-07-22

In New York, Ian sees Kate and learns she’s at all times eats alone and nobody’s ever seen her boyfriend. Livvie tells Kevin and Lucy she’s pregnant, nevertheless, they appear lower than happy. Lucy and Kevin argue about what to do and Livvie turns into upset when she hears Lucy say Rafe won’t ever love her. Ali breaks it off with Rafe, who finds it arduous to say goodbye. However, they each agree that it is the proper factor to do after which sadly half methods. Later, Ali tells Lucy it is over between her and Rafe. Rafe then returns to Livvie and says he’ll be an actual husband to her and father to their youngster. Livvie, privately, expresses her satisfaction that her plan labored. Meanwhile, the “”shadow”” skulks across the docks and overhears some younger boys evaluate him to different superheroes. The “”shadow”” enters a room full of press clippings about him after which lets out a wailing moan.

Episode 17

07.23.02 – Tuesday: Torn

air day: 2002-07-23

Karen asks Ricky how he felt seeing Marissa and he admits he was shocked however says Casey’s in his previous. Karen and Ricky make love, however afterwards, Ricky thinks about Casey. Jamal and Marissa meet along with her mom and Marissa asks if Casey is her twin. Her mom admits she gave each Casey and Marissa away as infants and, finally obtained again Marissa, however by no means discovered Casey. Jamal lies that Casey resides in Europe to spare Marissa’s mom’s responsible emotions. Livvie feels bodily ache and tells Rafe the child kicked. He goes to get assist and runs into Ian, who’s studying about “”The Avatar.”” Rafe says “”The Avatar”” is actual and he encountered it as a slayer. Rafe tells Ian how “”The Avatar”” wants a human physique to inhabit and has the flexibility to breed. Livvie eavesdrops on their dialog and when she hears Rafe say he is uncertain if “”The Avatar”” reproduces in human type, she faints.

Episode 18

07.24.02 – Wednesday: Torn

air day: 2002-07-24

For Alison’s 21st birthday, Jack surprises her with pizza and champagne. He comforts her when she cries about Rafe, then asks her to mannequin for him for his new photographer job. Rafe and Ian watch over Livvie, who fainted, as she mumbles monster’s rising inside her. Livvie covers by saying she heard them discussing The Avatar. Rafe tells Ian that The Avatar is more durable to destroy than a vampire, as a result of though its host human physique will be killed however it’s going to transfer on to a different host. Ian then catches Kate in a lie when she says she and her boyfriend dined collectively in New York whereas Ian noticed her alone. Livvie and Rafe transfer into their new place however Rafe needs he was with Ali. Livvie goals she that her new child is a monster. The Avatar runs by means of the woods when a lady screams after which stands over a bloody physique. Then, The Avatar washes the blood from his arms.

Episode 19

07.25.02 – Thursday: Torn

air day: 2002-07-25

Jamal thinks Marissa desires a relationship with him after she thanks him for his assist, however she denies this. Later, after listening to the “”shadow”” was noticed within the woods, they search for him however as an alternative discover his newest sufferer. Alison asks Kate to maneuver in along with her and Kate agrees. Livvie has extra pains from her “”child,”” and asks Rafe to inform her about The Avatar. After he says The Avatar is after management and domination, she wonders if her youngster can be human. Rafe then goes to the lighthouse and bumps into Alison. Livvie, in the meantime, goes to the docks and confronts The Avatar demanding to know what it did to her and what’s she carrying inside her.

Episode 20

07.26.02 – Friday: Torn

air day: 2002-07-26

Ian tells Kate he noticed her dine alone in New York and he or she accuses him of spying on her. She slaps him when he says he did not method as a result of he felt sorry for her. She tries to depart his house, however he says he will not let her go. Livvie confronts The Avatar, demanding to know what she’s carrying, and The Avatar responds that he did what requested, then disappears. Rafe and Alison run into one another exterior the lighthouse and understand Lucy set them up. Ali runs off and Rafe and Kevin berate Lucy for her meddling. Livvie arrives for dinner and learns Ali was there. However, their dinner is interrupted when Livvie has extra abdomen pains and Rafe rushes her to the hospital. Meanwhile, Alison fashions for Jack on the bike store, however when she will get dizzy, he takes her to the hospital as properly. At the hospital, Livvie confronts Alison and calls for to talk to her in personal. On the staircase, Livvie tries to select a struggle with Alison and when Rafe comes by, she falls, making it seem that Al

Episode 21

07.29.02 – Monday: Torn

air day: 2002-07-29

Ian and Kate argue after he catches her in a lie. Later, she calls a mysterious peson whom she refers to as “”sweetheart.”” Jamal and Marissa be taught the “”shadow’s”” newest sufferer will stay, however understand the “”shadow”” protects girls. Marissa dubs the “”shadow”” as “”Lancelot.”” Meanwhile, Chris goes on TV to defend the “”shadow”” and Ian suspects Chris will be the “”shadow’s”” human host. After Livvie tries to select a struggle with Alison, she falls down the hospital staircase. Rafe orders Alison to keep away from Livvie. Ali tells Jack it was an accident however wonders if Livvie needed to fall. Rafe overhears this and turns into even angrier and Jack convinces Ali to depart them alone. Livvie waits for outcomes on her unborn youngster and thinks she’s fastened her “”being pregnant”” by “”The Avatar.”” However, Livvie’s physician reveals that her child’s simply tremendous.

Episode 22

07.30.02 – Tuesday: Torn

air day: 2002-07-30

After studying Livvie’s child is okay, Jack takes Alison to the carnival to get her thoughts off Rafe. Alison has a enjoyable time with Jack and, later, after laying again in opposition to him tells him he is simply “”what the physician ordered.”” Chris accuses Ian of being jealous of the “”Shadow”” as a result of Ian’s not the hero anymore. After speaking with Nurse Colleen, Frank and Rafe, Ian turns into suspicious that Chris could be The Avatar’s host physique. Livvie tries to cover her disappointment when she learns that her child’s heartbeat is unusually robust, regardless of her fall down the steps. Livvie confronts The Avatar on the docks and delivers an ultimatum- both inform her what he is carried out to her or she’ll reveal his identification.

Episode 23

07.31.02- Wednesday: Torn

air day: 2002-07-31

Livvie threatens to disclose The Avatar’s identification except he tells her what he is carried out to her, however decides to maintain quiet after he threatens to disclose he is her child’s father. The Avatar says her youngster can be human and can be a particular youngster who will do nice issues. Marissa would not need to speak to Jamal about Casey. After he saves her from choking, she dubs him her hero. She then figures out a strategy to contact The Avatar, by pretending she’s in hassle. After screaming, The Avatar seems, however overhears her talk about her ruse to Jamal and would not emerge. Alison runs into Rafe on the Recovery Room and he apologizes for yelling at her and blaming her for Livvie’s fall. Rafe additionally admits he adopted her, however she says they should keep away from one another so he returns to Livvie. At the hospital, Lucy and Jack uncover Livvie’s not in her room. Lucy will get suspicious when Jack mentions Livvie appeared to need Ali to push her. Thinking Rafe’s not the daddy of Livvie’s child, Lucy discreetly

Episode 24

08.01.02 – Thursday: Torn

air day: 2002-08-01

Marissa’s article about “”Lancelot”” (a.ok.a. The Avatar) is revealed. After telling Marissa about his previous dream of motocross racing, Jamal takes her for a journey on his bike. Alison declines Amanda’s supply to ship her away to high school. Rafe tells Livvie that he has to struggle The Avatar, however she protests. Chris overhears and agree with Livvie. Kate realizes that Ian thinks Chris is The Avatar. She catches him breaking into Chris’s house, the place they discover articles and movies about The Avatar. When Ian leaves, The Avatar seems and tells Ian that he warned him to not intervene.

Episode 25

08.02.02 – Friday: Torn

air day: 2002-08-02

After The Avatar threatens Ian, Kate finds Chris kneeling over Ian, who’s unconscious. Kate tries to mace Chris, then Ian will get up and punches him out. They go inside Chris’s house and Ian questions Chris about being The Avatar’s human host, however Chris denies it and gives an evidence for his current exercise. Ian then realizes Chris isn’t The Avatar. Lucy’s physician pal performs a secret paternity take a look at on Livvie’s child. After Lucy and Livvie alternate phrases, Lucy tells Livvie concerning the take a look at. Rafe goes on the lookout for The Avatar however runs into Alison. Thinking The Avatar’s approaching, Rafe shields Ali, nevertheless it’s not him. Later, Ali hides as Rafe lastly confronts The Avatar.

Episode 26

08.05.02 – Monday: Torn

air day: 2002-08-05

After Lucy reveals she had a secret paternity take a look at carried out, she gives Livvie the possibility to come back clear to Kevin and Rafe. Livvie, nevertheless, holds her floor and Lucy is shocked when the take a look at outcomes point out Rafe is the daddy. However, Livvie secretly paid a nurse to change her outcomes. Chris asks Officer Doree for an additional likelihood, however pumps her for details about The Avator. Rafe confronts The Avator whereas Alison refuses to depart with out him. The Avator says he are Rafe are “”brothers,”” as a result of they’re each protectors, however Rafe calls The Avator a coward. After Rafe vows to destroy him, The Avator disappears, however not earlier than blowing the door off of a constructing. Jack arrives and sees Rafe and Ali in an embrace. Elsewhere, Chris has his personal run in with The Avator.

Episode 27

08.06.02 – Tuesday: Torn

air day: 2002-08-06

Alison accuses Jack of performing like her boyfriend after he stops her and Rafe from hugging and tells Rafe to go away. However, Jack denies he has romatic emotions for her. Marissa tells Jamal she likes him and kisses him. Although he claims he would not desire a relationship, he continues kissing her. Jack and Ali stroll in and shock them. Alison then tells them about The Avatar, whereas Rafe talks to Ian they usually talk about methods to struggle him. In the park, The Avatar corners Chris, then reveals his identification. Later, in entrance of TV cameras, Chris claims he is befriended The Avator and his offical spokesman. Chris claims “”Lancelot”” doesn’t suggest hurt and solely desires peace and justice. Chris’s interview is seen by Jack, Alison, Jamal, Marissa, Karen, Ricky, Frank, Ian, Rafe, Doree and Andy, who all have their very own causes for wanting to speak with Chris about The Avatar. After all of them arrive on the park, Ian asks Chris to show he is aware of The Avatar by revealing his identification.

Episode 28

08.07.02 – Wednesday: Torn

air day: 2002-08-07

Ian asks Chris to show he is aware of Lancelot/The Avatar by revealing his identification. Chris will not reveal his identification, however does present proof by realizing particulars of a current drug bust carried out by Lancelot. Chris agrees to provide Marissa firsthand info to the press about Lancelot. The police arrive and ensure Chris’s account of the drug bust, however arrest him for failing to disclose The Avatar’s identification. Livvie warns the nurse who altered her paternity take a look at outcomes to maintain quiet. The nurse, per Livvie’s directions, offers Kevin a replica of the outcomes and he hits the roof when he realizes Lucy ordered the take a look at. Lucy squirms to elucidate her actions, however Kevin vows to face by Livvie. Livvie and Lucy then face off and declare battle in opposition to one another. Meanwhile, Alison insists on serving to Rafe struggle The Avatar and fills him in on his previous battles in opposition to supernatural forces. Unbeknownst to them, Livvie sees them collectively on TV.

Episode 29

08.08.02 – Thursday: Torn

air day: 2002-08-08

Even after his arrest, Chris he refuses to disclose Lancelot’s identification and likewise refuses authorized illustration. As the general public cries for Chris’s launch, Ian warns Chris that Lancelot have to be stopped, however Chris fails to heed his warning. Kevin ends his offended silence with Lucy by acknowledging that Livvie does have some issues. However, Kevin refuses to show his again on her and makes Lucy promise to not make him select between her and Livvie. After Lucy agrees, they kiss and make up. Livvie catches Rafe and Alison collectively and surprises them by asking Ali to be associates once more. However, Rafe and Ali each see by means of her act and Ali leaves. Despite Livvie’s protests, Rafe is decided to struggle The Avatar. Ali goes to Jack, who says she’s solely fascinated by serving to Rafe struggle The Avatar as a result of it will preserve them in shut contact. He additionally tells her he would not need to be her “”comfort prize.”” Livvie overhears Rafe tells Ian that they need to reveal the identification of The Avatar’s host

Episode 30

08.09.02 – Friday: Torn

air day: 2002-08-09

Ricky learns Marissa is Casey’s twin sister after which consoles her after getting her to open up about her emotions towards Casey. After getting Alison to understand she ought to cease pursuing Rafe, Jack kisses Alison and he or she responds. Livvie overhears Ian and Rafe’s plan to entice The Avatar. During a TV interview, Ian warns the general public about The Avatar and calls him a coward. The interview works in angering The Avatar, nevertheless, Livvie warns him that it is a entice. Asking him to belief her, she removes his hood and divulges his identification to be Frank.

Episode 31

08.12.02 – Monday: Torn

air day: 2002-08-12

Alison and Jack kiss, however she stops any additional ardour and leaves after Jamal arrives. Jamal offers Jack recommendation on Ali, however Jack would not need to hear. Ian and Rafe’s plan to entice The Avatar goes bust when the police arrive and The Avatar fails to point out up. Livvie warns Frank, The Avatar’s host, concerning the entice. After berating Livvie for her evil deeds, Frank tells her he’ll get again at Rafe and Ian. Later, Livvie tries to seduce Rafe, however he isn’t . Ali runs into Daniel and his nanny within the park and gives to take Daniel residence. Then, Frank arrives and gives them a journey residence in his automobile.

Episode 32

08.13.02 – Tuesday: Torn

air day: 2002-08-13

Ian and Kate get trapped in an elevator and he gently calms her down after she begins to panic. Kate admits she is now not along with her boyfriend, however she nonetheless loves him. Kevin fears Livvie could also be drawn into The Avatar’s darkness, however Lucy would not suppose Livvie has any connection to The Avatar. Alison declines Frank’s supply of a journey residence and leaves with Daniel. Upset, Frank turns into The Avatar, then encounters Alison and Daniel. Livvie efficiently seduces Rafe, however he goals of Alison. Sensing Ali’s at risk, Rafe leaves and finds her trapped close to the facet of a cliff.

Episode 33

08.14.02- Wednesday: Torn

air day: 2002-08-14

After discussing Casey with Ricky, Marissa places on her garments, and is discovered by Jamal. Marissa tries to elucidate however Jamal swiftly leaves. Rafe, Kate and Ian discover Alison and Daniel trapped by The Avatar. The Avatar warns Rafe and Ian once more, then Ian and Kate rescue Daniel, however Ali falls off a cliff. Kate calms Ian’s rage with a kiss, then leaves and books a flight to New York. Frank tells Karen he nonetheless loves her. She would not reply again, however does inform him she feels related to The Avatar. Frank leaves and turns into The Avatar and Karen feels The Avatar’s presence. Using his magic, Rafe pulls Ali to security. After sharing a detailed second, she deduces The Avatar used her to get to Rafe due to Rafe’s emotions for her. However, a conflicted Rafe takes off to be with Livvie.

Episode 34

08.15.02 – Thursday: Torn

air day: 2002-08-15

Lucy fills Rafe in on his previous by telling him he is an angel, however an offended Rafe refuses to imagine her. Alison and Jack conform to be simply associates and he or she additionally declares she’s going to neglect about Rafe due to the heartbreak he is precipitated her. Kevin tries to persuade Livvie to maneuver again in with him as a result of Rafe’s clearly in love with Alison and never her. However, an offended Livvie refuses to contemplate his suggestion. Frank instructs Chris to assist “”Lancelot”” regain favor with the general public. After getting out of jail, Chris publicly offers away a million , courtesy of “”Lancelot””- cash The Avatar stole from a drug bust.

Episode 35

08.16.02 – Friday: Torn

air day: 2002-08-16

After giving freely $1 million publicly on Lancleot’s behalf, Chris is roughted up by Ian, who blames him for doing The Avatar’s soiled work. The police re-arrest Chris. Jamal and Marissa kiss and make-up as Ricky comes by and sees them. Rafe vows to neglect about his previous and transfer ahead. Livvie meets with Frank, who torments her. When Livvie fires again about how Frank misplaced Karen, he turns into “”The Avatar.”” Overhearing her say her child’s not his, Jack and Ali rescue a trapped Livvie. They ask her in entrance of Rafe why she mentioned that. “”The Avatar”” approaches Karen within the park after which disappears along with her.

Episode 36

08.19.02 – Monday: Torn

air day: 2002-08-19

Thinking quick, Livvie tells Rafe the Avatar was after her child when Jack and Alison query her about saying The Avatar wasn’t her child’s father. Rafe takes Livvie residence and snubs Ali, who says she’s misplaced Rafe perpetually. Jack kisses Ali once more when he learns they have been employed for a photograph shoot in Bermuda. Ricky asks Jamal and Marissa’s assist in discovering Karen, who was taken to The Avatar’s hideout. Karen feels related to “”Lancelot””, however returns to Ricky. Frank vows to win her again. Rafe vows to make a future with Livvie and “”their”” youngster, however a shaken Livvie remembers The Avatar is absolutely her child’s father.

Episode 37

08.20.02 – Tuesday: Torn

air day: 2002-08-20

A jailed Chris proposes the police work with “”Lancelot”” fairly than in opposition to him. When his lawyer exhibits up and threatens to sue, the cops launch Chris and Kevin suggests they contemplate Chris’s proposal as a way to catch “”Lancelot.”” Although she has emotions for Ian, Kate bids him goodbye, saying she is transferring again residence to work issues out with Brennan. Lucy encourages Alison not to surrender on Rafe, however Ali claims she wants to maneuver on, as Rafe did. A decided Lucy desires to speak with Ed. Jack tells Ali they’re going to be sharing a room collectively in Bermuda. Clued in by Jack, Rafe tells Ian The Avatar’s weak spot is his shroud.

Episode 38

08.21.02 – Wednesday: Torn

air day: 2002-08-21

Jamal lastly admits his emotions to Marissa, who’s already enthusiastic about touchdown a reporting job, and the 2 make love. Ricky and Karen additionally make love, however she thinks of “”Lancelot”” whereas he cannot neglect Casey. Rafe tells Ian that as a way to destroy The Avatar, they need to take away his shroud. Ian figures out The Avatar’s motive for staying on the town is a lady, then realizes that lady is Karen when he overhears her graveside confession about “”Lancelot.”” Frank calls for Livvie spy on Rafe for him. After she mentions he nonetheless loves Karen, Frank turns into offended and grabs her simply as Rafe exhibits up.

Episode 39

08.22.02 – Thursday: Torn

air day: 2002-08-22

When Ian confronts her, Karen lies about her connection to “”Lancelot.”” Livvie covers when Rafe catches her with an offended Frank. Ian and Rafe plot to make use of Karen to entice The Avatar. Alison thinks Jack desires to sleep along with her in Bermuda, however he denies this. Lucy’s seance to contact Ed is interrupted when Kevin assumes she desires to make love. Frank asks Karen about “”Lancelot,”” and though she will not speak to him about it, he’s conviced she’s going to come again to him. Ian tells Karen they plan to entice The Avatar. When Rafe insists on staying by her always, Livvie is unable to warn Frank about their plan.

Episode 40

08.23.02 – Friday: Torn

air day: 2002-08-23

Jamal’s suprisingly cool about Jack going away with Alison, however offers him a pleasant warning about Rafe. Jamal lets Marissa know he is lastly gotten over Ali. Lucy and Alison maintain a seance however fail to contact Ed. However, when Lucy says Rafe would promote his soul for Ali, they get a mysterious signal from above and surprise if that’s what occurred. Livvie evades Victor when Rafe has him watch her whereas he traps The Avatar. Ian follows Karen, who has gone to warn The Avatar. Ian grabs her till The Avatar exhibits up, then Rafe and Ian entice him with a web and plan to deshroud him as a horrified Livvie and Karen watch.

Episode 41

08.26.02 – Monday: Torn

air day: 2002-08-26

Ian and Rafe lock up The Avatar, regardless of Karen’s protests. The Avatar knocks Rafe unconscious when he tries to take away his shroud. Livvie comes out of hiding and runs to Rafe’s facet. Ian and Rafe ask Karen to assist take away The Avatar’s shroud, however she fails to take action. The Avatar then declares he isn’t alone as Livvie panics. James and Ed declare the opposite is dishonest to win their wager. Because James despatched The Avatar to P.C., Ed will get even by clueing in Alison and Lucy that Rafe did promote his soul. Finding a word from above, Lucy and Alison understand Rafe should fall in love with Alison or lose his soul perpetually.

Episode 42

08.27.02 – Tuesday: Torn

air day: 2002-08-27

Jack ends his friendship with Alison when she cancels their journey due to Rafe however will not inform him the reality. Ian realizes Karen’s defending The Avatar, then concludes Frank’s the human host. She denies this, however in a dream, realizes it is true. Before The Avatar tells Rafe who actually fathered Livvie’s child, Livvie knocks Rafe unconscious. She calls for that Frank/The Avatar go away city however, when he refuses and threatens her, she tries to kill him by beginning a hearth. However, her scheme backfires when The Avatar unleashes his powers and causes her abdomen pains and traps each her and Rafe within the hearth with him.

Episode 43

08.28.02 – Wednesday: Torn

air day: 2002-08-28

Alison and Ian rescue Livvie and Rafe from the fireplace, then Ali stays by Rafe’s facet till he regains consciousness. Rafe thanks Ali for saving his life and Livvie is stunned that Ali saved her life as properly. Ali explains she did it to avoid wasting her personal soul, realizing that Rafe bought his for her. They all be taught The Avatar could not have survived the fireplace. Jamal learns from Jack that Ali blew off the Bermuda journey due to Rafe. Chris agrees to take her place when he learns “”Lancelot”” is useless. Ricky is relieved to listen to that “”Lancelot”” isn’t any extra. Karen finds an unconscious Frank/The Avatar within the woods.

Episode 44

08.29.02 – Thursday: Torn

air day: 2002-08-29

Frank explains how he grew to become The Avatar after Karen saves his life. Livvie asks Alison to again away from Rafe due to the child however Alison says Rafe should make his personal selections. Kevin tells Rafe to depart Livvie if he would not actually love her, however Rafe is decided to stay to his promise to Livvie, then tells Livvie he loves her. Kevin orders copies of Livvie’s medical data. Karen takes Frank residence the place she admits her love for him and he claims he is a modified man, however then vows revenge on Ian and Rafe. Ricky, who was stood up by Karen, exhibits up at her doorstep simply as Frank and Karen are about to make love.

Episode 45

08.30.02 – Friday: Torn

air day: 2002-08-30

After letting Ricky know he and Karen are again collectively, Frank will get violent with him. After Frank leaves, Ricky carries Karen away to cease her from returning to an abusive Frank. Alison is confused when Lucy insists she win Rafe again from Livvie and save his soul, so Ali seeks recommendation in prayer. Summer admits to Kevin she modified Livvie’s paternity take a look at outcomes and he tells Lucy that Livvie lied about her child’s father. Livvie’s completely satisfied when Rafe says he does love her. Before taking Daniel to New York, Ian continues to be suspicious when he runs into Frank, who denies being The Avatar. Livvie is shocked to see Frank alive.

Episode 46

09.02.02 – Monday: Torn

air day: 2002-09-02

Frank tells Livvie she pays for making an attempt to kill him. Alison will get one other signal from above when Rafe tells her he discovered and lit Kevin’s candle months in the past. Lucy tells Ali that Rafe is not the daddy of Livvie’s child. Rafe learns The Avatar did not die within the hearth and continues to be alive. Livvie units a entice for Frank and plans to inject him with a mind-altering drug, however Frank goes to Karen’s. When he finds Karen gone and her house trashed, he explodes in anger. Fearing Livvie’s going loopy, Kevin goes to confront her about her lies, however she errors him for Frank and unintentionally injects him with the drug.

Episode 47

09.03.02 – Tuesday: Torn

air day: 2002-09-03

Jack and a delighted Chris be taught from Rafe The Avatar is alive. Jack advises Rafe to stay his life by making his personal selections. Rafe vows to kill The Avatar. Ricky holds Karen hostage however lets her go when she makes him understand that they don’t seem to be actually in love with one another. However, The Avatar then seems to Ricky. Alison tells Lucy she will not use the reality about Livvie’s child to get Rafe again. After unintentionally drugging her father, a remorseful Livvie searches for Kevin, however is distraught when she will be able to’t discover him. Lucy worries about Kevin herself when he would not return and he or she receives two odd cellphone calls.

Episode 48

09.04.02 – Wednesday: Torn

air day: 2002-09-04

Marissa finds Ricky badly overwhelmed and learns Lancelot was accountable. Frank, exhibits up, as a paramedic, however defends Lancelot. Karen treats Ricky, then tells Frank she’ll by no means forgive him when she learns he beat Ricky up. Freaking out over Kevin, Livvie blames Rafe for not defending her, however he vents his anger about defending the world. Jamal suggests Alison make Rafe jealous to get him again, however she declines the concept. When Rafe comes by, Jamal kisses Ali and says they’re collectively once more. Livvie learns from the seller drugged Kevin will both go loopy or die. The Avatar exhibits up at Livvie’s.

Episode 49

09.05.02 – Thursday: Torn

air day: 2002-09-05

Ian runs into Kate in New York and he or she tells him she hasn’t reconciled along with her boyfriend. However, Kate would not need to get entangled with Ian. A wierd man calls for cash from Kate. Jamal’s scheme backfires when Marissa overhears him say he and Alison are again collectively. Ali admits it is not true, however Marissa leaves Jamal and Rafe accuses Ali of making an attempt to govern him. Panicked over Kevin’s disappearence, Lucy meets with Victor and Mac and tells them of her fears. Victor learns Kevin was noticed at Jasmine Island and Mac and Victor go away to seek for him. Kevin returns residence to Lucy with a wierd look on his face.

Episode 50

09.06.02 – Friday: Torn

air day: 2002-09-06

Lucy senses Kevin performing strangley when he returns residence, particularly when he appears amorous. After making love, Kevin tells Lucy he isn’t Kevin and he or she realizes he is Kevin’s evil twin, Ryan. The Avatar sends Rafe to Alison to get to Livvie, then threatens justice for her crimes. Rafe and Ali return to Livvie, however do not discover her, then Rafe admits he desires Ali. Ian steps in when a stranger calls for cash from Kate, however she will not speak in confidence to him about her woes. Ian follows her residence and is shocked by her return to Brennan. As punishment, The Avatar makes Livvie watch as a deluded Kevin tries to strangle Lucy.

Episode 51

09.09.02 – Monday: Torn

air day: 2002-09-09

Ian discovers Kate’s comatose boyfriend Brennan alive and gives his assist to her. As punishment, The Avatar makes Livvie watch Kevin, who thinks he is Ryan, strangle Lucy. Before “”Ryan”” can hurt Lucy, The Avatar rescues her as Livvie runs off. Lucy and Victor attempt to get by means of to Kevin, as Frank warns Livvie to not cross him once more. Alison tells Rafe to comply with his coronary heart when he admits he desires her. When he claims he cannot due to his obligation to the child, Ali asks what if he isn’t the daddy, however he denies it. Ali refuses to surrender on him, and, after she says she loves him, Livvie walks in on them embracing.

Episode 52

09.10.02 – Tuesday: Torn

air day: 2002-09-10

Frank apologizes to Karen for attacking Ricky, then asks her to avoid wasting him from the Avatar. She agrees to assist they usually make love. Alison and Rafe’s embrace is interrupted by Livvie, who calls for Rafe now not see Ali. He’s undecided he can and leaves to hope. Livvie pledges to do away with Ali. Lucy unties Kevin considering she’s reached him. Ali arrives and encounters Kevin, who nonetheless thinks he is Ryan. Victor knocks him out earlier than he hurts her. When the police arrive to arrest Kevin for assaulting a lady, Lucy claims he is gone. Marissa and Jamal make up and he and Ricky go along with her to a 9/11 candlelight vigil.

Episode 53

09.12.02 – Thursday: Torn

air day: 2002-09-12

Ian suggests Kate deliver Brennan to General Hospital for therapy. She admits she has emotions for Ian, who tells her to deal with Brennan. Karen tells Chris that she know Frank is “”Lancelot,”” however he’s now retired from the hero enterprise. Livvie threatens Frank to kill Alison by blackmailing him with a tape for Karen claiming Frank raped her. Rafe and Alison run into one another and Rafe tells her he’ll now not run away from his emotions and needs to spend time along with her they usually plan a picnic. Rafe goes residence to Livvie, who’s supportive of his plan to spend time with Ali. The Avatar confronts Alison.

Episode 54

09.13.02 – Friday: Torn

air day: 2002-09-13

Lucy’s devastated over Kevin’s breakdown and seeks consolation from Victor after which Ian. Livvie tells Rafe if he chooses their marriage and youngster over Alison, she desires to maneuver from Port Charles. Rafe goes to fulfill Alison, however turns into nervous when she would not present up. Livvie forges a goodbye word for Rafe from Alison. Alison is held captive by The Avatar, who has her blindfolded and tied to a tree. She appeals to his human facet and Frank emerges and makes her understand it is Livvie who’s behind her abduction. However, Frank remembers Livvie’s blackmail and turns again into The Avatar and tells Ali she should die.

Episode 55

09.16.02 – Monday: Torn

air day: 2002-09-16

After Lucy tells Ian how Kevin nearly strangled her, Ian insists she have dinner with him, then secretly invitations one other particular person. The Avatar nearly kills Alison till she prays, then Frank emerges and tells her to depart city as an alternative. Rafe goes to Karen when he cannot discover Ali, however she insists The Avatar would not damage Ali. Rafe then will get Livvie’s solid letter “”from Alison.”” Frank tells Chris that he is retired as The Avatar, however Chris nonetheless has plans for him. Frank denies to Karen he was liable for Ali’s disappearance. Ali decides to remain on the town and struggle for Rafe, however will get her foot caught in a bear entice.

Episode 56

09.17.02 – Tuesday: Torn

air day: 2002-09-17

Ricky declines Marissa’s invitation to a highway journey with Jack, Jamal and her due to his attraction to her, however Jamal insists he tag alongside. Lucy and Kate understand they’ve one thing in commong when Ian brings them collectively to speak about their man troubles. After Kate tells Lucy about Brennan’s coma, Lucy gives to pay for his medical care. Rafe accuses Livvie of forging “”Alison’s”” goodbye word, however she denies it. He calls for to know Ali’s whereabouts, however when she claims she would not know, he tells he will not let her go residence till they discover Ali collectively. Calling out for Rafe, Alison stays caught in a bear entice.

Episode 57

09.18.02 – Wednesday: Torn

air day: 2002-09-18

Marissa, Jamal, Jack and Ricky all encounter one thing mysterious throughout their tenting journey within the woods. Lucy tells Ian that Brennan’s been transferred to G.H. and he or she’s leaving to go to Kevin in Switzerland. Chris suggests to Karen he turn out to be The Avatar’s subsequent host. When she tries to cellphone Ian to warn him, Chris unintentionally knocks her down after which The Avatar seems. Although they do not discover Alison at her residence, Rafe continues to accuse Livvie of doing one thing to her. He tells her their marriage is over. Trapped, Ali sees one thing within the woods. Rafe finds an empty entice with blood and torn clothes.

Episode 58

09.19.02 – Thursday: Torn

air day: 2002-09-19

Jack, Jamal, Ricky and Marissa turn out to be paranoid once they understand they don’t seem to be alone within the woods, particularly after listening to a wolf howl. Jack finds a carved pumpkin containing soup. Kate thanks Ian for his assist after Brennan is transferred to G.H. The Avatar is offended with Chris and threatens him. Despite Karen’s appeals to Frank, The Avatar goes after Chris. Karen warns Ian the Avatar’s after Chris they usually discover him overwhelmed up in an elevator. Rafe searches the woods however cannot discover Alison. He goes to the barn hoping she would go there, then declares they belong collectively. He is pleasantly stunned when Ali exhibits up.

Episode 59

09.20.02 – Friday: Torn

air day: 2002-09-20

Lucy visits a hospitalized Kevin and tries getting by means of to him, however he nonetheless thinks he is Ryan and turns his again on her. Chris nearly dies within the hospital however is saved by Ian. Karen confronts Frank, demanding he hand over The Avatar, however he refuses. Ian tells Karen they need to drive The Avatar out of him earlier than he kills any person. Reunited with Rafe, Alison explains how she handed out and wakened free from the entice. Rafe declares his love for Alison, and after kissing her, remembers their life collectively. They reaffirm their love however their completely satisfied reunion’s minimize quick when Rafe’s shot within the again by Livvie.

Episode 60

09.23.02 – Monday: Torn

air day: 2002-09-23

Frank visits a hospitalized Chris and threatens him to maintain quiet. Chris then refuses to identification his attacker to Doree as a way to defend her. Ian tells Karen she should take away The Avatar’s shroud to destroy him and he or she reluctantly agrees. Frank then surprises Karen within the park. Livvie flees after taking pictures Rafe within the again. Near demise, Rafe pledges his everlasting like to Alison and divulges the deal he made to retun to her. Livvie returns simply as Rafe proclaims Ali as his one and solely real love. Rafe dies and his physique disappears and returns to Heaven, the place Ed greets him. Ali then faces off with Livvie.

Episode 61

09.24.02 – Tuesday: Torn

air day: 2002-09-24

Jack exhibits Ricky, Jamal and Marissa the unusual soup he discovered and Marissa drinks it. Jack and Jamal go to the woods and meet a wierd man. Marissa awakens in a trance and kneels by Ricky. Alison tells Livvie, that regardless of her interference, Rafe got here again to her earlier than he died, then Ali says goodbye to Rafe. Livvie returns residence to seek out Ian has damaged into her house to seek out Rafe’s notes on The Avatar. Ian asks Livvie the place is Rafe. Karen refuses to be with Frank if he cannot management The Avatar, however he insists he can. After making love, Karen wakes up and tries to get The Avatar’s shroud, however Frank stops her.

Episode 62

09.25.02 – Wednesday: Torn

air day: 2002-09-25

In a trance, Marissa kisses Ricky, then goes within the woods the place a wierd man accuses Jamal and Jack of stealing his meals. They discover Marissa, who’s been sleepwalking, and Jack snaps footage once they hear noises. Ian would not imagine Livvie when she says Rafe left her. She fakes abdomen pains to cease him from taking Rafe’s notes, then has actual pains and he or she vows to guard The Avatar. After accusing Karen of betrayal, Frank morphs into The Avatar. Karen stands as much as The Avatar, declaring her love for Frank. Frank’s trapped in The Avatar’s shroud, however manages to free himself, however the shroud reappears and begins choking Frank.

Episode 63

09.26.02 – Thursday: Torn

air day: 2002-09-26

Marissa would not bear in mind kissing Ricky, however he cannot neglect. Jack’s pictures reveal a rag doll within the woods. Alison tells Lucy she reunited with Rafe and saved his soul earlier than Livvie shot and killed him. Ali tells Lucy she’s leaving city. Rafe’s notes reveal The Avatar could be destroyed if a brand new host rejects the spirit. An invisible defend prevents Karen from reaching Frank, who’s strangled by The Avatar’s shroud. Ian and an unseen Livvie arrive and Ian and Karen resuscitate a dull Frank. Ian calls out to The Avatar to be its new host, then morphs into The Avatar, however the shroud bursts into flames with Ian inside.

Episode 64

09.27.02 – Friday: Torn [Finale]

air day: 2002-09-27

Ian escapes The Avatar’s burning shroud, then tells Frank and Karen how he destroyed the spirit by rejecting it. Lucy advises Kate not to surrender on a comatose Brennan, then agrees to go together with Ian to deliver Danny residence. With The Avatar destroyed, Livvie seeks a father for her unborn youngster. After Jack rejects her, she approaches Frank, taunting him with the actual fact he fathered her youngster, simply as Karen arrives. Jack goes to the woods however falls right into a entice. Alison boards a prepare out of city, however sees Rafe by means of the fog because the prepare departs. Telling Ali “”they”” despatched him again, Rafe runs and hops on the prepare and reunites along with her.