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The first episode of the series Port Charles season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 was released in 2001-09-03 by American Broadcasting Company. The TV show was created by and directed by Wendy Riche, Carolyn Culliton, Richard Culliton. Actors in the cast include Jay Pickett, Charles Keating, Amy Weber, Kelly Monaco, Kimberlin Brown, Kin Shriner, Linda Purl, Michael Easton, Michael J. Anderson, Robin Christopher, Rodney Van Johnson, Shannon Sturges, Susan Haskell. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

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Episode Guide

Episode 1

09.03.01 – Monday: Tempted [Premiere]

air day: 2001-09-03

Episode 2

09.04.01 – Tuesday: Tempted

air day: 2001-09-04

Episode three

09.05.01 – Wednesday: Tempted

air day: 2001-09-05

Episode four

09.06.01 – Thursday: Tempted

air day: 2001-09-06

Episode 5

09.07.01 – Friday: Tempted

air day: 2001-09-07

Episode 6

09.10.01 – Monday: Tempted

air day: 2001-09-10

Episode 7

09.17.01 – Monday: Tempted

air day: 2001-09-17

Episode 8

09.18.01 – Tuesday: Tempted

air day: 2001-09-18

Episode 9

09.19.01 – Wednesday: Tempted

air day: 2001-09-19

Episode 10

09.20.01 – Thursday: Tempted

air day: 2001-09-20

Episode 11

09.21.01 – Friday: Tempted

air day: 2001-09-21

Episode 12

09.24.01 – Monday: Tempted

air day: 2001-09-24

Episode 13

09.25.01 – Tuesday: Tempted

air day: 2001-09-25

Episode 14

09.26.01 – Wednesday: Tempted

air day: 2001-09-26

Episode 15

09.27.01 – Thursday: Tempted

air day: 2001-09-27

Kevin confides in Victor he is investigating Ian’s previous. Lucy by accident reveals her wedding ceremony plans to Kevin, however a delighted Victor agrees to maintain the information secret. Ian’s understanding when Eve explains how she bought locked out of the loft with Daniel inside. He tells her to not worry Caleb, then says he is made errors in his previous. Jack rescues Alison by lifting the heavy tree branches off her, then goes for assist. Rafe makes use of a mysterious white mild to revive Ali. Livvie hears Caleb reveal his evil plans. She declares her love for Jack, however Caleb says that can change. Livvie cannot carry herself to go away.

Episode 16

09.28.01 – Friday: Tempted

air day: 2001-09-28

Episode 17

10.01.01 – Monday: Tempted

air day: 2001-10-01

Episode 18

10.02.01 – Tuesday: Tempted

air day: 2001-10-02

Episode 19

10.03.01 – Wednesday: Tempted

air day: 2001-10-03

Episode 20

10.04.01 – Thursday: Tempted

air day: 2001-10-04

Episode 21

10.05.01 – Friday: Tempted

air day: 2001-10-05

Episode 22

10.08.01 – Monday: Tempted

air day: 2001-10-08

Episode 23

10.09.01 – Tuesday: Tempted

air day: 2001-10-09

Episode 24

10.10.01 – Wednesday: Tempted

air day: 2001-10-10

Episode 25

10.11.01 – Thursday: Tempted

air day: 2001-10-11

Episode 26

10.12.01 – Friday: Tempted

air day: 2001-10-12

Jack beats up Kyle after discovering him and Livvie in mattress collectively, however Livvie cannot keep in mind how she bought there. Jack is then arrested for assault. Rafe tries unsuccessfully to persuade Caleb to surrender the battle for evil, however Caleb pledges to destroy those that tried to destroy him. Rafe, who’s an angel, tells his “”Boss”” he feels powerless to battle Caleb. Caleb encounters Livvie and gloats that he can have his revenge and nobody can cease him. Eve is enraged to search out out Ian checked on her psychiaric historical past. He tries unsuccessfully to clarify, however they argue about belief and he or she reminds him of Anne-Marie’s story.

Episode 27

10.15.01 – Monday: Tempted

air day: 2001-10-15

After he is bailed out, Jack tells Jamal he beat up Kyle for sleeping with Livvie, however Jamal tells Jack that Livvie pursued Kyle. Livvie tells Alison she will’t keep in mind going to the resort room with Kyle and Ali spills the beans that Jack was going to suggest to Livvie. Jack breaks up with Livvie. Karen seduces a stunned Frank on the hospital. Valerie ges a job on the Recovery Room. Ian punches Kevin for making Eve doubt him and accuses him of making an attempt to win Eve again. Lucy tries convincing them to no avail that one thing evil is behind their troubles. Eve reveals up with child Daniel and declares she’s leaving Ian.

Episode 28

10.16.01 – Tuesday: Tempted

air day: 2001-10-16

Rafe is pissed off by the foundations, which restrain him from personally battling Caleb. His boss advises him to think about his buddies, then pulls him from his task for being too reckless. After Jack breaks up together with her, Livvie goes to Caleb, who convinces her his love will final endlessly, in contrast to Jack’s. When Eve reveals up on the lighthouse with Daniel and says she’s leaving Ian, Kevin affords to allow them to stick with him. An enraged Ian accuses him of wanting Eve again. A damage Lucy suspects this can be true. Ian is ready to persuade Eve to come back dwelling with him. However, she later will get a shock go to from Anne-Marie.

Episode 29

10.17.01 – Wednesday: Tempted

air day: 2001-10-17

Jamal and Alison discover Valerie working on the Recovery Room. Valerie makes good to Alison in entrance of Jamal, however once they’re alone collectively, she declares she’ll battle for Jamal. Lucy and Jack suspect Caleb is behind their romantic troubles, as they drown their sorrows collectively. Anne-Marie warns Eve that she and Daniel are in peril from Ian and Anne-Marie’s story sounds eerily acquainted to Eve. A frightened Eve tells Ian to go away their loft. Karen’s vitality stage surprises Frank, who wonders if she’s again on medicine. Lucy bumps into Ian within the resort whereas Jack bumps into Anne-Marie. A robber holds up the Recovery Room.

Episode 30

10.18.01 – Thursday: Tempted

air day: 2001-10-18

Jack runs into Anne-Marie, however she mysteriously disappears simply as Livvie arrives. Karen bravely stands as much as an armed robber on the Recovery Room and cuts her hand, however Chris finds her hand completely healed. After seeing Valerie cozy as much as Jamal, Livvie suggests to Alison that Jamal fathered Valerie’s child. After speaking with Eve about Anne-Marie, a suspicious Kevin decides to go discuss to Ian. Lucy visits Ian’s resort room and tells him her fears Caleb’s behind the current chaos on the town. When Ian spills a drink on Lucy, she modifies right into a gown. Kevin walks in to search out Lucy and Ian in what appears to be a compromising place.

Episode 31

10.19.01 – Friday: Tempted

air day: 2001-10-19

Rafe pleads together with his boss for a second probability and his boss permits him to return to Earth however advises him to not immediately intrude within the people’ battle in opposition to Caleb. Caleb explains to Livvie he should destroy his enemies to get his energy again. Suspecting Jamal fathered Valerie’s child, Alison questions him in regards to the timing of their one evening collectively. After Kevin finds Ian and Lucy collectively, Lucy claims nothing occurred however Kevin does not consider her. When Ian taunts him, Kevin spills the beans about Anne-Marie, however Ian claims she’s an impostor. Lucy is shocked to see Christina run previous her within the resort hallway.

Episode 32

10.22.01 – Monday: Tempted

air day: 2001-10-22

Chris runs assessments on Karen and is shocked the outcomes point out she’s mutating. Ian asks for Frank’s assist to show Anne-Marie’s an impostor, however Frank cannot discover any file the true Anne-Marie existed. Christina runs from Lucy, who loses her once more. Despite discovering Lucy and Ian collectively, Rafe asks Kevin to not soar to conclusions. Lucy tells Kevin about seeing Christina however he does not consider her. Livvie arrives at Eve’s and alters Ian’s telephone message whereas Eve showers. Frightened to listen to Ian’s voice threaten her, Eve will get a restraining order in opposition to him. Rafe asks his boss for one evening to set issues proper.

Episode 33

10.23.01 – Tuesday: Tempted

air day: 2001-10-23

To defeat Caleb, Rafe performs dream weaver to remind the city of the facility of affection. Eve and Ian each dream their ordeal with Caleb was only a ebook Eve learn they usually have a cheerful future with Danny. A sleeping Eve and Ian each declare their love for one another. Jack desires Livvie has graduated from medical faculty and accepted his proposal of marriage. Livvie sees a sleeping Jack by way of the bike store window. As Lucy searches in useless for Christina, Kevin desires of his wedding ceremony day to Lucy, wherein he guarantees to search out Christina. Later, Lucy runs into Kevin on the footbridge they usually each stare on the stars collectively.

Episode 34

10.24.01 – Wednesday: Tempted

air day: 2001-10-24

Jack tells Livvie of his dream and he or she says she loves him and asks for a 2nd probability. He turns her down and says to hunt assist. Kevin and Lucy focus on the space between them and he admits he is been obsessive about Ian. Lucy’s satisfied a darkish drive is behind their troubles. They kiss and make-up. Eve and Ian focus on their mutual desires, however she’s nonetheless frightened by his risk, which he denies making. She agrees to fulfill him within the park with Daniel. Caleb mocks Rafe’s dreamweaving efforts. Knowing Caleb feeds off their weak spot, Rafe declares the city will defeat him with their love. Caleb secretly vows to go after their kids.

Episode 35

10.25.01- Thursday: Tempted

air day: 2001-10-25

Caleb visits Livvie, who resists his affect. When he threatens she’ll be on their own on this planet, Livvie complies together with his bidding. Livvie leaves a goodbye be aware for Jack, who advises Alison to overlook Valerie and deal with her future with Jamal. Reunited, Lucy and Kevin attempt to uncover the id of the particular person inflicting hassle round city. Lucy’s distracted when she receives a telephone call- from Christina! Eve meets Ian within the park with child Daniel and he is ready to persuade her to belief him once more. She rips up the restraining order in opposition to him. When their backs are turned, Livvie swipes Daniel from his carriage.

Episode 36

10.26.01 – Friday: Tempted

air day: 2001-10-26

Kevin does not consider Lucy heard Christina on the phone. They search collectively, however do not discover her, however, as soon as alone, Lucy sees Christina. Alison feels jealous seeing Jamal with Valerie, who provides him Hope’s image. Finding the pic, Ali wonders if Jamal’s the daddy. When Daniel’s lacking, Ian calls the police as Livvie hides within the bushes with Daniel, then slips away and takes him to Ian’s resort room. Eve awaits a kidnapper’s name however as a substitute receives a warning about Ian. Ian returns to his room to search out Danny, simply as Eve arrives. When 2 airplane tickets are delivered, Eve accuses Ian of making an attempt to kidnap their child.

Episode 37

10.29.01- Monday: Tempted

air day: 2001-10-29

Chris reveals Karen her blood take a look at outcomes, which do not totally appear human. Although Karen has no vampire signs, she tells Chris of her overactive libido, which makes Chris interested in her. Chasing after Christina, Lucy runs into Kevin, who does not consider Christina was actually there. Eve accuses Ian of making an attempt to kidnap Daniel, however, as proof mounts in opposition to him, he claims he was arrange. She does not consider him and runs to Kevin. Ian runs into Lucy they usually commiserate over their family members not trusting them. He vows he should take Daniel away from Eve to guard him. Eve tells Kevin she’s submitting for divorce from Ian.

Episode 38

10.30.01- Tuesday: Tempted

air day: 2001-10-30

Jack and Alison go to Hope’s adoptive dad and mom to search out out if Jamal might be Hope’s father. Hope’s adoptive father lies Jamal cannot be the daddy as a result of Hope was born untimely. Karen tells a smitten Chris about her trip plans with Frank, which Chris plans to disrupt. After speaking with Livvie, Rafe realizes she’s unwittingly been serving to Caleb spoil lives. Caleb and Rafe face off over Livvie, as Rafe tries to make her see what Caleb’s doing to her. However, Rafe’s prevented from telling Livvie and Caleb vows she’ll keep in mind when she’s prepared. His kiss makes her overlook the encounter, then he disappears.

Episode 39

10.31.01 – Wednesday: Tempted

air day: 2001-10-31

Kevin and Lucy takes sides as Eve and Ian face off in court docket over custody of Daniel. While Eve makes Ian out to be a kidnapper, Lucy’s testimony factors Eve as an unstable mom. Calling each Ian and Eve neglectful, the decide orders Daniel positioned in protecting custody. Rafe’s boss advises him to information the Port Charles residents to battle Caleb themselves after which think about them. Caleb imagines getting every thing he wants- Livvie as his loving spouse and Daniel as their son. While babysitting Daniel, Livvie has a flashback of holding Daniel earlier than. Unnerved, she clothes him and leaves the lighthouse with him.

Episode 40

11.01.01- Thursday: Tempted

air day: 2001-11-01

Valerie learns the Hartmans have barred her from contact with Hope. A responsible Alison goes with Jack to go to the Hartmans to vary their minds, however their resolution is last. Jamal and Hope have equivalent birthmarks. After the decide orders Daniel be positioned in foster care, Eve and Ian make accusations over who’s in charge. The decide orders Ian and Eve to endure psychiatric evaluations. When Livvie arrives with Daniel, Eve tearfully provides up Daniel, then seeks consolation from Kevin, whereas Ian turns to Lucy. After Lucy tells her of seeing Christina, Livvie has a flashback of Christina and fears she’s serving to Caleb spoil lives.

Episode 41

11.02.01 – Friday: Tempted

air day: 2001-11-02

A devastated Eve blames Kevin for making her lose Daniel by making her suspicious of Ian. He guarantees to assist her get Daniel again by passing the psychiatric analysis. A sympathetic Lucy discourages Ian from fleeing city with Daniel. They each again away when a pleasant hug turns right into a kiss. Rafe remembers his earlier battle with Caleb, wherein he misplaced his life. Learning from his previous errors, Rafe vows to defeat Caleb this time. Livvie involves the horrifying realization she’s unknowingly helped Caleb by impersonating Christina and Anne-Marie. She confronts Caleb and threatens to kill him.

Episode 42

11.05.01 – Monday: Tempted

air day: 2001-11-05

Chris spies on Frank and Karen on the cabin. After making love, Karen proposes to Frank and he accepts. Karen then catches Chris stalking them and tells him of her engagement. After Valerie pleads for his assist, Jamal agrees to go to the Hartmans to vary their minds about letting Val go to Hope. When Jack suggests the Hartmans are hiding one thing, Alison steals a lock of Hope’s hair from Valerie’s child ebook to run a DNA take a look at. Livvie angrily lashes out at Caleb for manipulating her into hurting her loves ones. When she threatens to disclose he is alive, he grabs her by the throat and prevents her from leaving.

Episode 43

11.06.01- Tuesday: Tempted

air day: 2001-11-06

After Livvie threatens to divulge to the entire city that Caleb’s, Caleb dares her to do it. She goes to Lucy and warns her, then they each arrive on the hospital costume occasion to warn everybody else about Caleb. However, Livvie is pressured to clarify to everybody how Caleb tricked her into posing as Anne Marie and Christina, kidnapping Daniel and bringing Valerie to city. Everyone turns their rage in the direction of Livvie they usually lock her up in a psychiatric ward. Livvie then awakens and realizes she’s had a nightmare, courtesy of Caleb. Caleb appears assured that he is satisfied Livvie to do his bidding.

Episode 44

11.07.01 – Wednesday: Tempted

air day: 2001-11-07

Rafe surprises Lucy when he is aware of about her kiss with Ian. The court docket counselor warns Eve and Ian to cease bickering if they need their son returned. Mac asks Kevin if he needs Eve again however Kevin denies. Kevin’s appointed as Danny’s non permanent guardian and returns him to Eve and Lucy and Ian witness the glad reunion. Alison secretly arranges a DNA take a look at to find out if Jamal is Hope’s father, then will get the outcomes. Frank discovers the cocaine Chris planted in Karen’s purse. Karen tells Frank how Chris injected her with vampire serum, however when he does not consider her, she vows to make Chris pay.

Episode 45

11.08.01 – Thursday: Tempted

air day: 2001-11-08

Ian and Lucy are upset when Kevin’s appointed Daniel’s guardian. Alison confides in Rafe in regards to the DNA take a look at she ran behind Jamal’s again and he convinces her to not learn the outcomes. Jamal asks Mrs. Hartman to offer Valerie one other probability and learns about Ali’s go to. Jamal acknowledges Hope’s birthmark as one equivalent to his. Jamal grabs the DNA resuls earlier than Ali destroys them and learns he is Hope’s father. Kevin tells Eve he is employed a non-public eye to control Ian. Ian and Lucy console one another and find yourself making love. Caleb questions Livvie’s loyalty, then asks her to show it by killing Jack.

Episode 46

11.09.01 – Friday: Tempted

air day: 2001-11-09

Caleb assessments Livvie’s loyalty by asking her to kill Jack. Livvie poisons Jack’s drink however Rafe intercedes by knocking the drink out of Jack’s hand earlier than he drinks it. Caleb’s not glad that Livvie failed his take a look at. Jamal will get Valerie to confess she will again to Port Charles as a result of she’s in love with him. Stilll upset with Alison’s deception, Jamal decides to inform Valerie he is Hope’s father. Mac advises Kevin on his love life with Lucy and Kevin feels responsible for hurting her. After making love, Ian and Lucy resolve to only be buddies. Unbeknownst to them, Kevin’s non-public eye has snapped compromsing images of them.

Episode 47

11.13.01 – Tuesday: Tempted

air day: 2001-11-13

A frightened Livvie tells Caleb she did not kill Jack. He provides her a brand new assignment- breaking apart Alison and Jamal. Karen calls for Chris tells Frank in regards to the vampire serum to show she’s not on medicine, however Chris denies her accusations. Frank does not consider her, however later realizes she may be telling the reality after Gabriella describes her personal vampire signs. Chris takes Karen to the catacombs to scare her about being a vampire. Caleb overhears them discuss in regards to the vampire serum, then decides he needs it for Livvie. Rafe clues in Jack that his drink was poisoned and Jack confronts Livvie about making an attempt to kill him.

Episode 48

11.14.01 – Wednesday: Temped

air day: 2001-11-14

Livvie denies she tried to poison Jack, however he is satisfied she’s being managed by Caleb. Lucy races to the lighthouse to warn Kevin about an impromptu go to from Child Services simply as Eve and Ian are visiting Danny. Eve and Ian conceal within the closet when the social employee arrives, then Ian declares he has a plan to get Danny again. Alison asks Jamal to forgive her for withholding the very fact he is Hope’s father and Jack confesses he went with Alison to go to the Hartmans. Jamal unleashes his anger on each of them. Rafe asks Livvie to hitch forces with him to defeat Caleb, however she tells him she’s freely serving to Caleb.

Episode 49

11.15.01- Thursday: Tempted

air day: 2001-11-15

Chris convinces Karen to not inform anybody that she was injected with the vampire serum and to maneuver in with him. Karen shocks Frank by “”confessing”” she’s again on medicine and calls off their engagement. Chris is shocked by a shock customer. Ian and Eve play good for the court docket counselor to get Danny again and agree to maneuver again in collectively for appearances sake. Livvie eavesdrops as Lucy and Kevin focus on the way forward for their relationship, then vows to forestall them from marrying. Lucy’s shocked when Christina seems at her doorstep. Kevin’s non-public detective delivers him stunning images of Ian and Lucy in mattress.

Episode 50

11.16.01 – Friday: Tempted

air day: 2001-11-16

Caleb visits Chris and calls for he create extra vampire serum, threatening to kill him if he does not. Eve tells Ian she nonetheless loves and he later decides to admit his affair with Lucy. Lucy brings Christina dwelling and takes her image with a digicam, however she mysteriously vanishes, each in particular person and within the image. Livvie seems at Lucy’s and denies seeing Christina. Livvie reviews again to Caleb on her mission and Lucy catches them collectively. Shocked to see the photographs of Ian and Lucy in mattress, Kevin will get drunk and goes to Eve to inform her in regards to the affair. Instead, he finally ends up kissing her, simply as Ian walks in.

Episode 51

11.19.01 – Monday: Tempted

air day: 2001-11-19

Ian walks in on Kevin kissing Eve and Kevin refrains from telling her about Ian and Lucy’s affair. Ian tries confessing to Eve, however as a substitute asks if they’ll begin over. Lucy sees Caleb with Livvie within the woods, however Caleb disappears and Livvie denies he was there. Lucy tells Kevin Caleb’s again, however Kevin, nonetheless reeling over her affair, sends her dwelling as Livvie steals a photograph of Ian and Lucy collectively. Rafe hints to Jack that Caleb’s again they usually go to the catacombs, discover Caleb’s music field and Jack collapses after opening it. Caleb summons a darkish drive and his late man-servant James seems together with his music field.

Episode 52

11.20.01 – Tuesday: Tempted

air day: 2001-11-20

On Caleb’s order, Chris tries replicating the vampire serum, then asks Karen to belief him and never inform Frank the reality. Gabriela affords to accompany Frank to go to Karen in rehab. Rafe carries an unconscious Jack to the hospital, however the docs cannot discover something bodily unsuitable with him. Alison pleads with Jack to get up, whereas Ed tells Rafe to remain centered on his battle with Caleb. James upsets Caleb when he suggests Livvie cannot be trusted, however she proves her loyalty by giving him the photograph of Lucy and Ian collectively in mattress. To assist Caleb regain his powers, James presents him together with his vampire cape.

Episode 53

11.21.01 – Wednesday: Tempted

air day: 2001-11-21

After seeing the photograph of Ian and Lucy in mattress, Eve realizes Kevin already is aware of about their affair. Vowing to make Ian pay, Eve steals reality serum from the hospital, simply as Ian tells Lucy he feels he and Eve are near reconciling. After Jack escapes from the hospital, Alison finds him within the woods and he tells her he encountered pure evil. Livvie subtely clues in Valerie that Jamal is Hope’s organic father, then Valerie confronts Jamal, who admits it is true. Val presses him to fulfill with the Hartmans. Lucy goes to the catacombs able to do battle with Caleb, however is intercepted by an overprotective James.

Episode 54

11.22.01 – Thursday: Tempted

air day: 2001-11-22

Ian tries to get romantic with Eve, however she stays suspicious of him and plans to inject him with the reality serum. Jack researches methods to kill vampires, then makes a picket stake out of a chair leg. Livvie is ready to persuade Kevin that Caleb hasn’t returned, then points a warning to Rafe, who is aware of the reality. Rafe fears his premonitions of Lucy’s demise are about to come back true and he rushes off to search out her. When Lucy tries to shoot Caleb together with her crossbow, James grabs it and runs into the woods. Lucy chases after James whereas Caleb pursues her. Caleb catches as much as her and divulges his fangs have returned.

Episode 55

11.26.01 – Monday: Tempted

air day: 2001-11-26

Ian stops Eve from injecting him with reality serum. He admits to his affair with Lucy, then says they do not belong collectively. Chris tells Karen she’s quickly growing old because of the vampire serum. Frank and Gabriela be taught Karen’s not in rehab, then discover her with Chris. She lies to them that she loves Chris. Caleb corners Lucy within the woods and Livvie reveals up with the crossbow and explains how they tricked her with visions of Christina. Caleb leaves Livvie alone to kill Lucy and Livvie later presents him with a bloody arrow and declares Lucy’s useless. Rafe searches for Lucy within the woods, then says “”Oh My God, Livvie really did it.””

Episode 56

11.27.01 – Tuesday: Tempted

air day: 2001-11-27

Jamal lies to Alison, then secretly goes with Valerie to see Hope. However, Jamal learns the Hartman’s telephone quantity has been disconnected and Valerie fears they’ve run off with Hope. Jack warns Kevin that Caleb’s again and Livvie’s serving to him, however Kevin thinks he is loopy. In the woods, Rafe finishes burying a grave, then says he failed as Lucy’s guardian angel. Alison finds Rafe’s journal and is puzzled that it stops 10 years in the past. Later, Ali sees Rafe carry a useless hen again to life and asks him how he did it. Caleb congratules Livvie on killing Lucy, then declares his last plan of revenge in opposition to the city. Later, Livvie lies to Kevin that Lucy has left city for a spa. Jack, in the meantime, reveals up on the catacombs to confront Caleb, who tells him Lucy’s useless and Livvie killed her. Caleb then stops Jack from leaving…

Episode 57

11.28.01 – Wednesday: Tempted

air day: 2001-11-28

Per Caleb’s request, Livvie individually deceives Ian and Eve to make sure their attendance at a brand new membership, “”Tempted.”” Frank and Gabriela are additionally deceived into attending. Caleb orders Chris to complete the vampire serum and guarantee Karen’s attendance at “”Tempted.”” When Karen sees Caleb, Chris covers by claiming she’s hallucinating. Releasing anger, Frank will get right into a battle and is taken to the hospital, the place Eve and Ian be taught Karen broke up with him. Alison realizes that Rafe’s an angel and though he warns her of hazard, he cannot reveal his mission. Caleb tells Livvie there’s one final job she should accomplish.

Episode 58

11.29.01 – Thursday: Tempted

air day: 2001-11-29

Eve arrives at “”Tempted”” and sees Ian they usually each be taught Livvie tricked them into coming. Karen and Chris arrive, as Chris promised Caleb he can be there. Frank and Gabriela arrive and ask Karen why she invited them, however she denies it. After discovering the Hartmans skipped city, Jamal and Valerie arrive to fulfill them. Livvie persuades Kevin to go to fulfill Lucy on the membership, then babysits Daniel and says he can be reunited together with his dad and mom. Jack, in the meantime, unties himself from Caleb’s entice and races to warn all people that Caleb’s again. Arriving at “”Tempted,”” Kevin acknowledges James, who mysteriously vanishes.

Episode 59

11.30.01 – Friday: Tempted [Finale]

air day: 2001-11-30

To shield her, Rafe prevents Alison from getting into “”Tempted”” and says it is too late to avoid wasting these inside. Jack warns everybody Caleb’s again, Livvie’s serving to him and Lucy’s useless. Steel partitions entice everybody inside. Caleb reveals himself and explains how he destroyed their lives- with assist from Livvie, who enters with Daniel. Caleb tells Eve and Ian he and Livvie are Daniel’s dad and mom now. Before killing everybody, Caleb plans to make like to Livvie in entrance of them. Caleb pledges his like to Livvie and places his belief in her. She betrays Caleb by stabbing him with a metallic stake, then declares Caleb’s lastly useless.