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The first episode of the Drama, Reality, series The Steve Wilkos Show season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 was released in 2012-09-17 by The CW, WGN America. The TV show was created by and directed by . Actors in the cast include . The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

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Episode Guide

Episode 1

Molestation: Guilty Or Innocent

air day: 2012-09-17

Episode 2

A Shocking Statement

air day: 2012-09-18

Episode Three

He Raped Me In My Sleep

air day: 2012-09-19

Episode Four

Mothers Accused Of Horrible Child Abuse

air day: 2012-09-20

Episode 5

DNA: She Drugged And Raped Me

air day: 2012-09-21

Episode 6

Did You Kill Your Brother And Your Baby?

air day: 2012-09-24

Episode 7

I Set Traps To Catch Her Cheating

air day: 2012-09-25

Episode Eight

I’m Gay And You Agreed To Have My Baby

air day: 2012-09-26

Episode 9

You Neglected Your Baby

air day: 2012-09-27

Episode 10

My Boyfriend’s Wife Is Stalking Me

air day: 2012-09-28

Episode 11

I Saw Him Molesting My Child

air day: 2012-10-01

Episode 12

DNA: I Need To Know For Sure

air day: 2012-10-02

Episode 13

Did You Rape My Daughter?

air day: 2012-10-03

Episode 14

Sign Over Your Rights

air day: 2012-10-04

Episode 15

He Put You In The Hospital Three Times

air day: 2012-10-05

Episode 16

Did You Ever Have My Baby?

air day: 2012-10-08

Episode 17

A Sister’s Betrayal

air day: 2012-10-09

A most cancers affected person and his mom declare they by no means acquired the cash that was raised for medical bills.

Episode 18

Is My Brother The Father Of My Baby?

air day: 2012-10-10

Episode 19

Did You Bite And Beat My Son?

air day: 2012-10-11

Episode 20

Steve Exposes Lying Husbands

air day: 2012-10-15

Episode 21

I’m Afraid He’s Not The Father

air day: 2012-10-17

Episode 22

Molestation: A Mother And Son Accused

air day: 2012-10-18

Episode 23

Accusers Turned Abusers

air day: 2012-10-22

Episode 24

Do You Have A Gay Double Life?

air day: 2012-10-23

Episode 25

Why Are You Dating A Child?

air day: 2012-10-24

Episode 26

Did You Burn And Beat Your Son?

air day: 2012-10-25

Episode 27

Heart Stopping DNA Results

air day: 2012-10-26

Episode 28

You Chose The Molester Over Your Kids

air day: 2012-10-29

Episode 29

Do I Have A Child With A Gay Man?

air day: 2012-10-30

Episode 30

6 Year Old Held Down And Burned

air day: 2012-10-31

Episode 31

Controlling And Abusive Men

air day: 2012-11-01

Episode 32

Accused Of Molesting Three Girls

air day: 2012-11-02

Episode 33

Steve’s Out For Justice

air day: 2012-11-05

Episode 34

DNA Shockers

air day: 2012-11-06

Episode 35

Molestation: Accusations And Denials

air day: 2012-11-07

Episode 36

They Say I Killed My Baby

air day: 2012-11-08

Episode 37

Three- And Four-Year-Old Girls Stripping And Photographed Naked?

air day: 2012-11-09

Episode 38

A Lifetime Of Lies?

air day: 2012-11-12

Episode 39

Steve Helps Families Destroyed By Drugs

air day: 2012-11-13

Episode 40

Falsely Accused Of Molestation?

air day: 2012-11-14

Episode 41

Why Would You Say That To Your Wife?

air day: 2012-11-15

Episode 42

Is Your Boyfriend A Molester?

air day: 2012-11-16

Episode 43

A Father’s Rage After Results

air day: 2012-11-19

Episode 44

You’re Not The Father, I Borrowed A Baby

air day: 2012-11-20

Episode 45

Single Mothers Get Results

air day: 2012-11-21

Episode 46

Liars And Scammers Exposed

air day: 2012-12-17

Episode 47

Are You Cheating With My Family?

air day: 2012-12-19

Episode 48

Did You Leave My Kids To Die?

air day: 2012-12-21

Episode 49

My Uncle Tried To Rape Me

air day: 2012-12-27

Episode 50

I Left But You Are The Father

air day: 2012-12-28

Episode 51

Sexually Assaulted In My Sleep?

air day: 2012-12-31

Episode 52

Did My Sister Molest My Daughter?

air day: 2013-01-04

Episode 53

Is My Boyfriend On Crack?

air day: 2013-01-09

Episode 54

You Watched Your Husband Rape Me

air day: 2013-01-11

Episode 55

Will This DNA Test Destroy Our Marriage?

air day: 2013-01-14

Episode 56

Accused Of Child Abuse And Rape, Who’s Lying?

air day: 2013-01-15

Episode 57

I Would Never Sleep With Your Sister

air day: 2013-01-16

Episode 58

Why Does Your Mom Hate Me?

air day: 2013-01-18

Episode 59

You Violated Me!

air day: 2013-01-21

Episode 60

It’s Not My Baby, She’s Obsessed With Me

air day: 2013-01-22

Episode 61

Bitter Ex Or Concerned Mother?

air day: 2013-01-23

Episode 62

You Beat Them Up, What If They Pass?

air day: 2013-01-24

Episode 63

You Have A Baby With My Sister, I Don’t Want You

air day: 2013-01-25

Episode 64

She Said She’d Drown The Baby

air day: 2013-01-30

Episode 65

I Didn’t Beat My 7 Week Old To Death

air day: 2013-01-31

Episode 66

I Heard Him Having Sex With His Sister

air day: 2013-02-01

Episode 67

Is There A Molester In My Family?

air day: 2013-02-04

Episode 68

Steve Read It Wrong?

air day: 2013-02-05

Episode 69

Who Gave The Baby Cocaine?

air day: 2013-02-06

Episode 70

Steve Gets The Real Update

air day: 2013-02-07

Episode 71

Did My Father Rape Me And Murder My Sister?

air day: 2013-02-08

Episode 72

Accusations Of Incest

air day: 2013-02-11

Episode 73

I Think My Wife Is A Prostitute

air day: 2013-02-12

Episode 74

Steve, I Couldn’t Ignore The Signs

air day: 2013-02-13

Episode 75

Our Love Is Torture

air day: 2013-02-14

Episode 76

My Daughter Tried To Poison Me

air day: 2013-02-15

Episode 77

She’s A Liar, I’m Not A Molester

air day: 2013-02-18

Episode 78

Did You Beat A Defenseless Child?

air day: 2013-02-19

Episode 79

This Should Be Explosive …

air day: 2013-02-20

Episode 80

I Believe My Son!

air day: 2013-02-21

Episode 81

Why Were You Caught With Naked Pictures Of My Kids?

air day: 2013-02-22

Episode 82

Steve, I Couldn’t Ignore the Signs

air day: 2013-02-13

Charity thinks her boyfriend has been sexually abusing their 1-year-old daughter; Eric says his kid’s mom has coached her to lie that he has molested her.

Episode 83

Teens: Addiction & Pregnancy

air day: 2013-02-26

Episode 84

You Put Fear In Me

air day: 2013-02-27

Episode 85

Did You Hurt Our Daughter?

air day: 2013-03-19

Episode 86

Sexting, Lying And Cheating?

air day: 2013-03-21

Episode 87

Did You Abuse And Neglect Your Kids?

air day: 2013-03-25

Episode 88

I Know About The Affair, But Is He The Father?

air day: 2013-03-27

Episode 89

Did He Abuse My Son?

air day: 2013-04-01

Episode 90

After All These Years, Is He Guilty?

air day: 2013-04-02

Episode 91

Are You Pregnant By My Brother?

air day: 2013-04-03

Episode 92

I’m Here To Confess … Everything

air day: 2013-04-05

Episode 93

Prisoners Have More Freedom Than You

air day: 2013-04-08

Episode 94

Is My Husband Trying To Poison Me?

air day: 2013-04-09

Episode 95

You Came On The Show, Don’t Run Now

air day: 2013-04-10

Episode 96

Porn, Confessions, And Revenge Sex

air day: 2013-04-12

Episode 97

Did My Husband Make A Sex Tape With My Child?

air day: 2013-04-15

Episode 98

13-Year-Old Father?

air day: 2013-04-16

Episode 99

You Have Him But I Have His Child

air day: 2013-04-17

Episode 100

She’s Not Pregnant, We Never Had Sex

air day: 2013-04-19

Episode 101

Did You Sexually Assault My Teen Daughter?

air day: 2013-04-22

Episode 102

If I Don’t Hit Her, She Doesn’t Listen

air day: 2013-04-23

Episode 103

Young Mothers Accused Of Abuse

air day: 2013-04-24

Episode 104

Did My Fiance Rape My Cousin?

air day: 2013-04-25

Episode 105

Do You Need A Medic Or Are You Just Guilty?

air day: 2013-04-26

Episode 106

6 Kids Taken Away, But I Want More

air day: 2013-04-29

Episode 107

DNA: Don’t Run From The Results

air day: 2013-04-30

Episode 108

My Daughter Said You Did It!

air day: 2013-05-01

Episode 109

I Know You Burned My Baby

air day: 2013-05-02

Episode 110

Steve Saw Right Through You

air day: 2013-05-01

Episode 111

Accused Of Molestation … Twice

air day: 2013-05-06

Episode 112

Did My Boyfriend Try To Kill Me?

air day: 2013-05-07

Episode 113

He Said Give Your Baby Away And You Did!

air day: 2013-05-08

Episode 114

Update: Are You Still Having Sex With Your Father?

air day: 2013-05-10

Episode 115

A Family Ripped Apart

air day: 2013-05-13

Katrina says she was molested by her step-father as a baby. Katrina says that when she advised her mom Phyllis, she not solely forgave him, however stayed with him! And there’s extra …

Episode 116

Son, I Did Not Rape Your Wife

air day: 2013-05-14

RJ was livid when he discovered that his father had intercourse together with his spouse Rebecca. Now, he must know the circumstances surrounding this betrayal. Rebecca says she was raped, however his father says it was consensual … Either means, RJ desires the entire fact.

Episode 117

I’m Not A Molester, She’s A Liar

air day: 2013-05-15

Shocking tales and explosive outcomes on right this moment’s Steve Wilkos! Shenroy was accused of sexually abusing his son. Shenroy’s ex-wife Trisha says her son advised her … But Shenroy believes that Trisha coached their son to say these terrible issues.

Episode 118

I’m A Survivor, But I Can’t Take This

air day: 2013-05-16

Khadisa believes her boyfriend Chad could also be dishonest on her with different ladies … together with her personal sister. Chad admits to dishonest previously, however he says he’s trustworthy now … and that he by no means slept with Khadisa’s sister.

Episode 119

He Makes Me Have Sex With His Friends

air day: 2013-05-17

Shocking allegations of abuse on right this moment’s Steve Wilkos! Ashley believes her husband Michael might have molested their three-year-old son. Ashley says her son advised her and that he would not lie. But Michael believes that Ashley would lie.

Episode 120

I’ve Been Prostituting, Is My Fiance The Father?

air day: 2013-05-20

Shauna wished an image good life … But when Shauna misplaced her home, her entire life modified … for the more serious. To help herself and her household she turned a stripper … But now she must divulge to her fiance that the stripping wasn’t sufficient and he or she turned to prostitution.

Episode 121

We Tested You 6 Times …

air day: 2013-05-21

Samantha believes that her three yr previous daughter was molested by her ex-boyfriend’s brother, Chad. Chad denies sexually abusing the kid and even took a voice stress check to show his innocence … Well, Chad failed that check, and now he desires to clear his title.

Episode 122

I’m Terrified Of The Results

air day: 2013-05-22

Brenda has spent the final 10 years trying to find her kids. They have been adopted on the ages of two and eight years previous after Brenda went to jail. But final month, Brenda was capable of find her kids on-line and he or she reunited together with her now 18 yr previous son, Damon.

Episode 123

Steve, I Never Had Sex With Her Mom

air day: 2013-06-25

Stacey says she made an enormous mistake on New Year’s Eve; she cheated on her fiance.

Episode 124

Angry Ex Alleges Child Abuse

air day: 2013-06-26

JoAnn’s ex-boyfriend Bradley has accused her of hitting their two-year-old daughter within the mouth, inflicting her to have a busted lip. JoAnn denies the abuse and says these accusations have been happening for over a yr.

Episode 125

My Dad Went To Prison For Raping Me … Was He Guilty?

air day: 2013-06-28

For 20 years, Kari has been advised that her father was a baby molester, however now she has doubts.

Episode 126

I’m 16 Years Old, Who’s The Dad?

air day: 2013-07-02

Jamarkus says the happiest day of his life was when his twins have been born. But now he believes that their mom, Aleshia, was having intercourse with one other man and that he stands out as the father of the twins.

Episode 127

Did The Babysitter Abuse My Child?

air day: 2013-07-03

Stephanie believes her two younger kids are being bodily abused by Jessica the babysitter. It all began a month in the past when Stephanie got here dwelling from work to seek out her one-year-old daughter with a black eye.

Episode 128

Are My Husband And Daughter Having Sex?

air day: 2013-07-05

Shain believes that her husband, Rob, has been sleeping together with her daughter, Holly. Rob says he loves his spouse and would by no means sleep together with his step-daughter.

Episode 129

He Checks Me, But I Never Cheated

air day: 2013-07-09

Stephanie denies dishonest on her boyfriend Ricky, however he does not consider her. What does Ricky do? He makes her strip down bare so he can “check” her.

Episode 130

Long Lost Brother Stole My Family

air day: 2013-07-10

Brotherly love takes on a brand new which means after it is revealed that Michael had an affair together with his brother’s fiancee, Tiffany. Now Steven is questioning whether or not he’s the daddy of her five-year-old son.

Episode 131

Did My Mother Kill My Baby?

air day: 2013-07-12

Last yr, Chris acquired a frantic telephone name from his girlfriend, Jesse. Chris says he’ll always remember the sound of her screams as she advised him that their 17-month-old daughter had stopped respiration.

Episode 132

I Cleared My Name

air day: 2013-07-15

On The Steve Wilkos Show, we have a look again to previous episodes with updates.

Episode 133

My Wife Is Engaged to a Teenager

air day: 2013-07-16

Gary and Roxanne have been married for 13 years and have six kids collectively. But final month, Roxanne acquired engaged to a 17-year-old boy named Harold! She says she’s performed with Gary and is in love together with her teenage fiance.

Episode 134

Who Gave The Baby Cocaine?

air day: 2013-07-17

Three years in the past, Sabrina’s toddler son examined constructive for having excessive ranges of medication in his system. Sabrina contends she was “set up” by the kid’s father and grandmother in an effort to take her son away.

Episode 135

Steve Over The Edge

air day: 2013-07-18

Seventeen-year-old Sheroya has a tough sufficient time making an attempt to boost two kids as a teen herself, however the truth that boyfriend Malcolm is operating round with different ladies and is verbally abusive does not assist.

Episode 136

I Did Not Cheat With My Husband

air day: 2013-07-19

Shannon desires to take a lie detector check in an effort to show to her boyfriend, Francis, she’s not dishonest on him together with her husband, Ben. That sounds backwards, proper? But it isn’t and Francis desires solutions.

Episode 137

Steve, I Never Had Sex With Her Mom

air day: 2013-06-25

Stacey confesses that she cheated on her fiance and begs him for forgiveness; Nicole admits to having a nasty status, however says her boyfriend has modified her life; Ernestine believes that her longtime associate slept together with her mom.

Episode 138

Angry Ex Alleges Child Abuse

air day: 2013-06-26

Bradley accuses his ex of hitting their toddler within the mouth; Coleman says he fears that the lady he acquired pregnant at age 12 is an unfit mom.

Episode 139

A Mother’s Shocking Confession

air day: 2013-06-27

Steve supplies an replace on Jenelle, a mom so abusive she known as baby providers on herself and turned over custody of her son to his father.

Episode 140

My Dad Went to Prison for Raping Me … Was He Guilty?

air day: 2013-06-28

Kari has doubts that her father was a baby molester; younger Heather doesn’t keep in mind the assault that put her father in jail.

Episode 141

Did You Set the Fire That Killed Our Sons?

air day: 2013-07-01

Sisters say Russell is abusive and could also be answerable for the deaths of three kids; Melvin says his ex set the hearth that killed their two younger boys as a result of she couldn’t deal with being a mom.

Episode 142

I’m 16 Years Old: Who’s the Dad?

air day: 2013-07-02

Jamarkus says he fears that his twins will not be his personal; a teen and his mom insist that he’s not the daddy of his ex-girlfriend’s child; Leroy says there isn’t a means his daughter’s mom’s son is his.

Episode 143

Did the Baby Sitter Abuse My Child?

air day: 2013-07-03

Stephanie says that ever since she got here dwelling from work to seek out her 1-year-old with a black eye, she has feared that her kids’s child sitter abuses them; sitter Cheryl denies accusations that she molested a pair’s younger daughter.

Episode 144

Shocking Results

air day: 2013-07-04

Khadisa accuses her boyfriend of sleeping together with her sister; Josh fears that his secretive ex’s new husband is abusing his son; Carlos denies molesting his daughter.

Episode 145

Are My Husband and Daughter Having Sex?

air day: 2013-07-05

Holly says her mom is envious of her and has made up accusations that she has been sleeping together with her stepfather; Jovanni reacts to his girlfriend’s ironclad proof that he’s dishonest.

Episode 146

Shocking Molestation Results

air day: 2013-07-08

A Three-year-old tells her mom that she had intercourse together with her dad; Michael faces accusations of molesting and taking inappropriate photographs of his girlfriend’s toddler; Adrien says she noticed her mom’s boyfriend molest her 2-year-old.

Episode 147

He Checks Me, however I Never Cheated

air day: 2013-07-09

Stephanie takes a lie-detector check to show that she is trustworthy to her boyfriend; an engaged couple accuse one another of dishonest; Maurice desires to show to his girlfriend that he’s loyal.

Episode 148

Long-Lost Brother Stole My Family

air day: 2013-07-10

Michael learns that his brother had an affair together with his fiancee and stands out as the father of her son; Sarah believes that her daughter’s much-older boyfriend is a sexual predator.

Episode 149

A Monster Mom?

air day: 2013-07-11

Neka admits to being a lazy mom however says she just isn’t as unhealthy as one other visitor makes her out to be; Robert accuses his ex and her lesbian lover of getting intercourse in entrance of his Eight-year-old son; Josh says his son’s mom is an abusive drug addict.

Episode 150

I Cleared My Name

air day: 2013-07-12

Chris thinks his girlfriend’s mom killed their 1-year-old daughter.

Episode 151

I Cleared My Name

air day: 2013-07-15

Catrina accuses her younger daughter’s uncle of kid molestation; Christy fears that her husband is dishonest on her and could also be molesting their daughter; Walter accuses his fiancee of infidelity.

Episode 152

My Wife Is Engaged to a Teenager

air day: 2013-07-16

A married mom of six says she is completed together with her husband and is in love with a 17-year-old boy; Shyaina says her finest buddy’s boyfriend made sexual advances and groped her behind her buddy’s again.

Episode 153

Encore: Who Gave the Baby Drugs?

air day: 2013-07-17

Sabrina says her child’s father and grandmother made it seem that she was giving the kid unlawful medicine in an effort to get custody away from her.

Episode 154

Steve Over the Edge

air day: 2013-07-18

A careless, immature 17-year-old lady and her dishonest, abusive boyfriend are elevating two kids collectively.

Episode 155

I Did Not Cheat With My Husband

air day: 2013-07-19

Shannon takes a lie-detector check to show to her boyfriend that she just isn’t dishonest on him together with her husband; Vanessa says she is trustworthy to her boyfriend and he or she is uninterested in him making accusations in opposition to her.

Episode 156

Encore: Did My Father Rape Me and Murder My Sister?

air day: 2013-07-22

Anthony, who spent almost three years behind bars for involuntary manslaughter within the loss of life of his child daughter, says he’s not a killer; Steve supplies updates on the household’s state of affairs.

Episode 157

I Did Not Kill My Four-Month-Old Son

air day: 2013-07-23

Cyndi says members of her household turned their backs on her after the loss of life of her child; Renita returns to the present with an replace on elevating the 5 kids she deserted years in the past.

Episode 158

Men Melt Down After Results

air day: 2013-07-24

Rachel desires to know whether or not her boyfriend is just too good to be true; Letisse says her cab-driving boyfriend drove one other girl round city for 10 hours.

Episode 159

DNA: I Did It for Revenge

air day: 2013-07-25

Steve supplies updates on Melissa, whose husband deliberate to divorce her as a result of he thought he was not the daddy of her kids, and Danielle, who had a number of males examined for the paternity of her child daughter.

Episode 160

An Unbearable Loss

air day: 2013-07-26

A new child’s father and grandmother demand to know why he died; Jessica says she was raised believing that her mom beat her youthful sister to loss of life; a teen’s child died of cranium fractures and bleeding of the mind brought on by extreme blows to the pinnacle.

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